Be A Bridge Builder , A Great Unifier And Not A Destabilizer........EXIT PULL HIM DOWN SYNDROME

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I give God Almighty the glory, honour and adoration for given me the opportunity to come back on this platform to write once again after my two previous articles. I salute all distinguished members of this great site who had been there for me to cheer me up . I thank you most sincerely for your encouragement of great magnitude. You will continue to move from glory to glory. You will never come down. I thank you greatly.

Today I have the rare privilege to write on the above topic. What actually prompted me is the way some things are going on in my community. Some people are doing marvelous jobs that are making the community to move forward in positive ways. While some are in the habit of making disparaging remarks capable of bring the community down. I am not for destruction but to build to enviable heights capable of bringing egg heads to the place. It is not good to dissipate energy on destabilization Where negative things are rearing their ugly heads , this does not allow for expansion , it harbors retrogression and backwardness. I believe that life is about impact and influence.

Each and every individual is created to contribute meaningfully to the society. Your own unique quota is expected to be shared out to the community , so that people can benefit immensely from your wealth of experience. From here , you too would have opportunity to share from others. learning continues. You were created to give what you have in most effective manner so that when you leave something good will be said about you.

Though there is no way there will not be misunderstanding , misconstruction , disagreement and dust raising anywhere you find yourself but you must know that you are created to be a bridge - builder , a great unifier and not a destabilizer. Criticize positively when you are mandated to do so. You are not to destroy others just because you want attention or for propaganda sake. Don't kill others to rise and avoid being used to cut the means of livelihood of some other people , even if you have opportunity to do so.

Be an example to others in the way you handle issues sincerely and not with malicious pretense , make sure that you are neutral and try as much as possible to make peace whenever there is any crisis , be a peacemaker through your words cum actions , stop unnecessary rantings , politics of hatred , be objective in your actions and reasoning.

A bridge - builder goes all out to leave good legacies of love ,trust and responsibility anywhere such found him/herself. Be a bridge-builder in your place of work , in your community , in your worship centers , in your family , among your friends and in society as a whole. A good name, they say , is better than riches and gold in all ramifications. It is a lesson of life if one cherishes to do things in a mature way without necessarily hurting others . Don't take advantages of the weak ones to divert favors to yourself. To me , it is ungodly.

Always , it is quite pertinent to have it at back of our minds that there is tomorrow in everything we do. Nobody should see himself as island unto himself. Nobody has monopoly of knowledge , the little you possess must be used in bringing others up for the betterment of the society and to the glory of God Almighty but not vice visa. The World is spacious enough for everybody to aspire without constituting nuisance to others. You would reach your zenith without mortgaging the future of others on the track of envy and jealousy. Be focused on your track. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Don't get intimidated unnecessarily .

Always remember that you will be remembered for the great legacies you left behind when you leave that place or exit this world. It is a great work of fiction. I don't have anybody in mind. Though, it is easier to destroy than to build. It takes a lot of pain to build relationship and legacies that would last longer. The pain is a great asset for the future. I thank you for taking your precious time to read the content of this article.

Have a great new week ahead of you. Shalom.

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