"Write-ups "

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3 years ago

The “write-ups”.

Men who never give-up most times end up winning, but those who give-up too easily may end up quitting when they are so close to achieving their goal.

Many have given up and for many others, people have given up on them. These are they who we refer to as “Write-ups”. We oftentimes try out our ideas too see them come to fruition, it could be very disappointing and disheartening when we don’t get what we dreamed of or imagined. We could try again and maybe again, but when the failure persists, we are tempted to conclude on ourselves that we may never achieve success in that which we desire. This is us writing up on ourselves, it’s us concluding on the possible outcomes of our trials. No ordinary human can tell the future, we can only predict it with logical proof. if we can’t do so, then why write-up our lives because of certain occurrences of failure? When you give up on your ability to become something, you write-up yourself. If you do so to yourself then what will you expect from men, what do you think they would do to you also?

This act is dangerous as it has a way of closing up a man’s mind to his desirable future, and making him settle for less; whatever comes to him from life. We shouldn’t live in such manner, we shouldn’t write-up ourselves, we should stand our ground and not give up yet, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, just believe and keep pushing, push harder and consistently because nature responds to such attitude.

Don’t worry if men have given you on you, just don’t give up on yourself also, remember, you are your first believer, you believe in yourself first before others believe in you. Not much can be done for a man who sees himself as unsuccessful, but there is hope for a man who hasn’t give-up in himself yet.

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3 years ago


I don't know if you are a he/she but as for me, its not always that easy for men. It's more like a struggle for him the whole of his life. Am not saying "given up" is an option for him but a times we get tired.

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3 years ago