The Beauty Of Problems

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3 years ago

The are advantages in problems

Problems are the difficulties which have to be resolved. They are those discomforting situations which need to be countered and given a necessary solution. As humans, we are bound to complain when we find ourselves in situations where it seems as though we are stuck and can’t get ahead of our current situation. I the writer of this article not being excluded, I also feel same. It’s a known fact that a problem is no problem when there is a solution, we won’t be worried when we have the means to ending our problems. Today, communication over long distances is not a problem due to the existence of the ICTs, but, what if there these ICTs didn’t exit at all? I mean, what if we were still in those times where there was no means to pass information over long distances? Thinking of it, off course there would have been the need for panics, and we would value any means to convey information at our disposal, but today we are so relaxed and are not aware that there was once a problem such as this. I was privileged to have heard this message as a sermon from my pastor, Dr Azemhe Azena. It brought to my consciousness that many things that we do today and find easy were formerly a problem to those who lived before us, talking about transportation, mass production of food, some common sicknesses, entertainment, addressing a large audience with everyone being able to hear you, these and lots more, but because we have a solution today, we don’t even see them as a problem anymore. This holds true that a problem is no longer a problem if we have a solution to it; therefore stop looking at the problem and start seeking the solutions and making use of the advantages that comes with a problems.

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Nice article @Vicky123, you're a very good writer. You're right about the communication problem, ICT really helps solve the prob but not all especially here in Africa, my country precisely. There is still network problem. I will love to know which country you belong to?

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3 years ago