RollerCoin Game Rankings - Work Smarter Not Harder!

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2 years ago
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I've really been enjoying RollerCoin, and I'm especially excited about the double DOGE coin bonus this week! I'm shocked that more people haven't started funneling their 'Mining Power' into Doge yet. I always put my mining power toward whichever coin has the fewest users (Bigger piece of the pie, and higher rewards that way.), and Doge is still the least 'mined' coin on the site.

Why fight with everyone else for a smaller reward of BTC, Ethereum, or RollerCoin token when I can earn more going for the low hanging fruit? Work smarter not harder.

My RollerCoin Ranking

If you're unfamiliar with RollerCoin, I wrote about some of the basics here. This site is basically a mining 'simulator'. Playing small mini games will increase your mining power, and the higher your mining power, the larger reward you receive from each block being mined every 10 minutes.

I really don't care if you use my referral link, but for the love of God....please use SOMEONE's! Players who join through someone else's referral link will receive a 1000 Satoshi bonus upon signing up. Don't leave free money on the ground! Sign up with a referral link here!

Which RollerCoin Games Earn The Most Mining Power?

I'm going to include a list of the most productive RollerCoin games to play that will increase your mining power substantially. I will also include some tips, tricks, and strategies I use to 'win' these games more effectively. The games will be ranked in order of what I believe reward the highest 'mining power' per game. I'm no expert, but I've done well on the games listed below.

#1: Cryptonoid

This game is by far the best for gaining mining power and quickly raising your rank. It's your classic 'block breaking' game, with various power ups, and a shrinking paddle. Treat this like your 'bread and butter' so to speak. Even at level 1 difficulty, this game pays more than coinclick, coin-flip, and coin-match at a level 10 difficulty. At the beginning this game is fairly easy, but as the levels progress the colored blocks will need to be hit repeatedly in order to be broken.

The only way to further advance in this game effectively is to angle the ball along the outside edge, and get it above the top blocks where it will break repeated blocks in a row. Remember learning geometry and thinking "I'll never use this in real life"? Using the correct angle to hit your ball into the corner is what allow you to complete this game efficiently. Be sure to make use of the power-ups like the 'fireball' (destroys multiple blocks in the direction of the ball without stopping), and the lasers (two lasers fire from each edge of the paddle, destroying blocks). I do my best to avoid the green 'sticky' paddle powerup. It just slows you down, and time is of the essence...especially in later levels.

Level 10 Reward: 1952 points

#2: TokenBlaster

This game is also pretty straight forward, and should be the second game you focus on leveling up. Multiple rows of enemies move left and right at the top of the screen while you move a spaceship firing lasers at the bottom to destroy them. The early levels are quite easy, and the 'hardest' part is actually getting past level 6 of this game. Multiple rows of enemies that require more than one hit appear, and the 60 seconds allotted can be difficult to finish in time.

When I start each level I always focus on the ships in the very center. The reason for this is because of the green 'multi-shot' powerup that can appear. The green lasers fire in 3 directions and spread out farther up the screen. By keeping the enemies on the outside left, you're able to maximize each laser of this powerup.

Once you've passed level 6, the other levels are a breeze. You'll notice in the picture above one large ship, surrounded by 8 smaller ships. The smaller ships are stationary firing lasers at you, while the large ship moves left and right. You can basically keep your ship in the center of the screen firing lasers in the middle and you could complete this game. Slight left to right movements are all it take to avoid the large fireball from the main spaceship.

This game also offers more points at level 1, than some of the other games at max difficulty. Be sure to focus on this game as well.

Level 10 Reward: 1680 Points

#3: Token Surfer

This is your classic side scroller. Clicking once makes your character jump over the obstacles in the way, and allow you to grab the coins as they appear. Clicking twice repeatedly will give you a double jump if you aren't sure you're going to make it in time.

I think this game is actually harder at the lower difficulty than it is at the higher levels. The game moves sooooo slow in the early levels, which I have trouble gauging the distance of the obstacles at that speed. When the difficulty increase, so does the speed which in my opinion makes it much more manageable.

When my character approaches a gap in the platform, I always try to jump early so that I get on the next platform with plenty of room to move forward. By starting on the platform with that extra space you have more time to anticipate and judge when to time your next jumps. This game is quite a bit more difficult than the other two.

Level 10 Reward: 1029 Points

#4: Dr. Hamster

This is your classic 'Tetris' block destroying game. I am god awful at this game, and really don't spend much time playing it. This game is by far more profitable than TokenSurfer, but I struggle with it so badly I don't even play it. I should start working on becoming better at this game to increase my productivity.

The reward for finishing this game at even level 1 is just a few points less than finishing TokenSurfer at level 10....I can't imagine the difficulty or reward at level 10 on this game, but I'm sure it's tremendous.

Level 1 Reward: 1003 Points

#5 Crypto Hamster

Another game that I am absolutely horrendous at, despite it's large earning potential. Your hamster in his cute little space suit travels up the screen and bounces off the platforms below. The further up the level you get, the higher your score. Some platforms fall when you touch them (light gray), and some disappear entirely when stepped on (rumble). I really do struggle at this game, and I find it difficult to get past the aliens and spaceships that appear above. I don't have the time to adjust to things I can't see. I need to spend time practicing this game as well.

Level 1 Reward: 725 Points

#6 Flappy Rocket

This game isn't as 'profitable' as the others listed above, but I personally enjoy it. If you remember the 'flappy bird' fad on iphones from a few years back then this game will seem very familiar. Clicking your screen will cause your rocket to get a short boost upward, and not clicking causes your rocket to slowly fall. Guide your rocket through the pillars in the course to earn points, but don't hit them!

I enjoy this game because it's easy, and I can complete it quickly, which means I can move onto other more rewardable games. I'll play this while waiting for the other games to 'cooldown'.

Level 10 Reward: 840 Points

#7: 2048 Coin

This game isn't very profitable either, but it's one I particularly enjoy. I've played versions of this game on my phone in the past just for amusement. You start on a 4x4 grid , and multiple coins appear. Moving a coin left or right will move all of the others in the same direction, but also adds another coin in the process. Combine the same coin together to increase your 'progress'.

I continue moving the coins around the grind as quickly as possible just to fill up the spaces. The more coins featured on the grid, the more likely you are to match up more combos. This is another game I play while the more profitable games are on cooldown.

Level 1 Reward: 335 Points

Coin-Flip, CoinClick, And Coin-Match....

Don't waste your time, unless you genuinely enjoy playing these games. Despite receiving an additional bonus in point earnings, CoinClick hardly pays above 500 points even at level 10. The problem I have with this game is you have to use the full 40 seconds to 'win'. The other games on this list can be completed in a much shorter amount of time and offer a far higher reward.

Level 1 Reward: 360 Points

Coin-Flip used to be one of my highest played games, and the earnings were HUGE for such a simple and easy game. Flip cards, and match them with the corresponding coin. This last week RollerCoin adjusted the payout on this game, and it's unbearable. For the simplicity of the game, and the time it takes to complete, I do understand. I won't play it anymore though, there is better uses of my time.

Level 1 Reward: 252 Points

Coin-Match is your basic 'Candy Crush' game. Line up rows of the same type of coin, and they disappear. The coins can be moved vertically and horizontally, and at least 3 coins are need to be eliminated. By making combos of 4 the entire row disappears based on the direction of coins. Aligning a row of 5 will destroy all of that type of coin on the level.

I enjoy playing this game, and it's slightly more profitable than others, but still not enough for me to level it up consistently.

Level 1 Reward: 360 Points


As I've stated earlier, RollerCoin is more of a time-killer/writers block outlet for me. I enjoy playing the games, watching my rank increase, and earning tiny amounts of crypto at the same time. Waking up in the morning and seeing I earned an additional DOGE coin is exciting for me (simple mind I suppose!).

If you haven't signed up for RollerCoin yet, try it out here....Or use someone else's referral link, it's all good! Don't miss on the 1000 Satoshi bonus by signing up through referral, it just doesn't make sense not to!

Have you signed up for RollerCoin Yet? What games do you enjoy playing the most? What coins are you funneling your 'mining power' into? How high a rank have you achieved yet? Let's talk about it!

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I like flipping the coins lol

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2 years ago

I really enjoyed coin-flip as well, especially at the more difficult was a good mental exercise, but it just doesn't pay enough anymore! xD

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2 years ago

That's sad. Though I don't have a lot of time to play, I did enjoy it :)

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2 years ago

Though i dont really play games or any crypto games. I just go for those free faucets haha😅

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2 years ago

Yea I use a few faucets....but I earn less than a penny a day. Maybe I'm on the wrong ones. I can easily earn a full Doge per day using this website, which I LOVE!

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2 years ago