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Do you have that best friend that the two of you are ALWAYS in sync? It feels like you're always on the same page, and whether it's trouble or fortune, it's with that friend. It's an age old question: "Is your best friend your platonic soulmate?" (maybe not those exact words, but you know what I mean!). When I think of best friends who are platonic soulmates there's one couple that instantly pops in my mind. Romy and Michele! You remember....Romy and Michele's High School Reunion!

Romy's strengths balanced out Michele's weaknesses, and vice versa. They were inseparable, each knew the other completely They would always be in the others corner and chose each other. Other notable platonic movie soulmates include: Goose & Maverick (Top Gun), Buzz and Woody (Toy Story), those two guys from Easy Rider, Tom Hanks and Wilson in Cast Away (awful joke....). I also think about Meredith and Cristina (Grey's Anatomy), J.D. and Turk (Scrubs), Blair and Serena (Gossip Girl) from tv. When you have that deep and close personal connection with someone, they could very well be your Platonic Soulmate!

What Type Of Love Does A Platonic Soulmate Have?

When I think of my Platonic Soulmate, all sorts of powerful feelings and emotions come to mind. Good times, bad times, exciting times, scary times, I feel like we experience the same feelings while we're together. I believe that the type of love Platonic Soulmates have is a combination of the "Four Loves". We interpret 4 forms of love that each have their own Greek word in translation. The 4 types are: Agape, Eros, Philia, and Storge.

  • Agape:

    This is considered the 'unconditional love', the love that would be expressed without any rules or regulations or restrictions. In Christianity It's known as the love God has for us. No matter what you do, you will still be loved the conditions. The love you may have for someone without any restrictions whatsoever. (This is rare, or uncommon)

  • Eros:

    This type of love can be interpreted many different ways. As soon as I get my mind out of the gutter....I think about that 'honeymoon high' that couples get shortly after dating. You get that feeling for someone when you first start getting to know each other. Everything is new and exciting, (First 90 days) and then it slowly wears out. This doesn't happen to everyone, but usually that 'flame' starts to fade. When people say things like "We're trying to get the 'spark' back", or "We lost our chemistry", that is a loss of Eros love. During this phase is when you're typically on your best behavior LOL.

Platonic Soulmate: Philia And Storge Love

These two types of Greek love are what remind me most of my platonic soulmate. This type of love is close and intimate, but not in the same intensity or passion as Agape and Eros love. A Father looking at their first born son for the first time, or two sisters having that 'psychic connection'. You can give your platonic soulmate that little nod, or smirk, or the raise of your eyebrow, and they know immediately what you mean, and how to respond.

  • Storge:

    This is the 'family' love, or familiar love. You develop this love over time, especially when you spend 18 years of your life (or a few extra in some cases...don't judge me!) with the same group of people. A mother and child relationship, or a mama bear and her cubs. Protective, supportive, empathetic, and partially unconditional, like Agape love. We've all seen or heard of people who do some pretty terrible things, and watched as close family or friends show their love and support. We've also heard that old saying: "Blood is thicker than water."

  • Philia:

    This is usually what comes to mind when we think of that 'best friend' love. When I hear 'Philia' I think 'Philadelphia", and then I start thinking "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", and now I'm off track.....So Philadelphia is known as "The city of brotherly love", where you'd do anything for your brother or sister. That "Best Friends Forever" type of love comes to mind as Philia for me as well. This love could be expressed as an older sister defending her little brother from a bully. It could also be expressed as two older girls who are "bff's"...playing a trick on one of the girls little brother.

Platonic Soulmates Can Have All 4 Types Of "Love"

When thinking about my platonic soulmate, I can see attributes in her that characterize each of these Greek forms of love. I know that anything I've ever done, or could do wouldn't change the level of love she has for me, and that I have for her. We both share exciting experiences together, and every time we're around one another it's always an adventure. It feels like a first date with your best friend when we go out. My platonic soulmate has stood up for me countless times (and behaved like a mama bear like in the Revenant with Leo).

Your Soulmate Could Be Right Around The Corner!

This part might sound a little morbid but.....If I had to take a bullet for my best friend to save their life and sacrifice mine, I would do it in a heart beat. Push her out of the way of a speeding bus....sign me up! Sit in a room full of spiders.....ehhhhhhhh. I would grin and bear it..... I think....

Do you know someone like that? Is there someone you share experiences with that are special to you to the both of you? Are there times you've turned into a rabid squirrel when someone hurt your best friend? Who do you call, and who always picks up every single matter what? These are only a few ways of showing and displaying a platonic soulmate relationship.

5 Easy Ways To Know If You Found Your Platonic Soulmate

Each relationship is different, and what resonates with me, may not resonate with you. That's what makes us all so special and unique, and I love it! There's no need to put labels on our relationships, but we enjoy doing it anyway. We use terms like: Best friends, BFF, Soulmates, twin flames, 2 pea's in a pod, partners in crime, a bromance, confidant, companion. This is so much fun once you begin to realize that a friend could be that 'someone'. Obviously there are more than 5 ways, and I've probably mentioned a dozen already, but here's a few more!

  • Your successes are their successes:

    When your platonic soulmate gets a promotion at work, or receives an award or recognition for an achievement it feels like you're experiencing the same thing. You've cheered them on every step of the way, and when they win you win. When good things happen to one of you, it's happening to both of you.

  • Their failures are your failures:

    This is sort of a cop out, but it's a two sided coin. When your platonic soulmate experiences heart break, you feel those same emotions. It's like having a passenger with you in the roller coaster car of life. You both experience the highs, the lows, and everything in between. When it's all over though, you're still together

Find Out If Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate!

  • Neither one of you puts up with the others bull$#!7, and you call each other out on it. My best friend sees when I self destruct and steps right in. She can be gentle and coddling, or she can be firm and direct. I've had her call me out on weak excuses numerous times, just as I've done with her.

  • You can be 'yourself' around them:

    You should be 'yourself' all the're freaking awesome! I know, sometimes we have to adapt to the situation we're in, or smile and put on a happy face in certain situations. With your platonic soulmate you can let loose. You feel free to be you, and you don't hold anything back. No matter what you look like (or smell like), they'll love you. Probably call you out on it though as mentioned earlier.

  • You never question their love:

    You know your platonic soulmate, and you matter're always going to love them. Through thick and thin, sickness or in health. After every disagreement, fight, argument, or misunderstanding, at the end of the day (or the next morning) you both are going to be alright. Nothing can break the bond you two have, and nothing could ever diminish the amount of love you have for one another.

If you haven't found your soulmate yet, that's O.K.! Your time is coming, and every step you take is a step toward finding that special someone! If you want to jumpstart the process, and find out what your soulmate looks like ahead of time then check out Soulmate Sketch. The artists sketches have brought THOUSANDS of people together, and it is very well known in China. The attention to detail and accuracy is remarkable! Receive a high definition, realistic, and highly accurate picture of your soulmate in less than 24 hours!

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Wow, sketching the soulmate? That sounds new and interesting... Anyway, if my soulmate will come, he/she will. I just have to wait. 😄

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That's the right attitude to have! When the time is right, they will be there!

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2 years ago

Nailed it! :))

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2 years ago

I thought I already found my soulmate but then he wasn't above as mentioned haha I mean his qualities

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2 years ago

I know what that's like....I have no doubt in my mind that 'the one' is right around the corner for you!

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2 years ago

Yeah, I do hope for that too.

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