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Daily Tarot Reading 7/8/21

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1 year ago

My 'Moon Tarot' card post motivated me to write every day, pull 3 cards from my deck and interpret them the way I see it. Starting today, I will shuffle my tarot deck, pull 3 cards at random and post about them here.

The 3 cards will order: the past, the present, the future. Take what you want from my interpretation, or leave a comment about what you think these cards represent.

(Quick note: My deck is old, and the images aren't as fun or 'sexy' as some of the other decks out there. I will be featuring pictures from the Oswald Wirth deck that I purchased at a yard sale a few weeks ago.)

2 Of Wands (Past)

The wand, rod, or staff of this suit is meant to represent financial independence, ambition, desire, being a 'grinder', side hustles and being business minded.

Pick a path. There's a fork in the road, and you need to decide (or have already decided) which direction to take. Walk confidently, and trust your decision. You've already set out on this road, so believe in yourself and your decision.

Do you feel duality in your personality? I know I do....maybe you're fighting 'good and evil', trying to decide which path to take. The way I see it is this:

You picked your path, so walk boldly and confidently in the direction you chose!

7 Of Wands (Present)

It's a wands day huh? If this 3rd card is a wand I'll lose it.

The 7 of wands is a card of steadfastness, resolve, and basically.....just getting through the day. You've accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, but it's still a process of maintaining that position. If you let up on what it is you've worked so hard to attain, you'll lose it. Don't take your foot off the gas, keep going, never quit

The road leading up to this point was arduous, but the road forward can be just as difficult. The way I see it is this:

You've made it this know what it takes to get here, so why expect anything different? You have the capability of persevering and powering through.

Queen Of Cups (Future)

The queen of cups represents a mature, supportive, and understanding person. She is sensitive, always in your corner, and a good listener. You feel comfortable around her, you feel like you can 'be yourself' around her. She passes no judgement, and will back you up no matter the position you're taking.

Someone is coming into your life, someone important. You've needed this person for quite a while, but don't scare them off. The queen of cups is the definition of femininity, being cute, a motherly role, someone you can trust unconditionally. The way I see it Is this:

Someone is going to come into your life who meets the needs that you've been looking for. This person takes care of you, nurtures you, uplifts you and makes you better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love doing this every day.

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Written by   92
1 year ago
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Yah here's the tarot prediction again that I was hooked with last time. And this time, this is way too positive. I just wish to have the queen of cup when I wish to go to someone who has that card and predicts it.

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1 year ago