8 Of Cups — A Difficult Decision To Make

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The 8 Of Cups can be summarized by the song “should I stay or should I go?” by The Clash. This is a transitional time where you need to ask yourself if what you’re doing is really working? The 8 of Cups is a question of if you’re heading in the right direction, or need to make a complete 180 and change course?

It may finally be time to sever ties, cut the cord, and turn your back on the people, places, or things that aren’t serving your higher purpose. Taking a step back for reflection and introspection is another key element regarding the 8 of Cups. Sometimes we just need to “go away” for a little while so we can get our $h!t in order!

The suit of goblets, cups, or chalices is one of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana and corresponds with the suit of hearts in traditional playing card decks. Water is the element associated with the suit of cups, and represents “going with the flow”. Water can be calm and soothing, or intense and destructive. It can provide life and be a source of growth or erode and decay whatever it comes in contact with.

The suit of cups has a strong feminine characteristic and ties closely to relationships, emotions, and intuition. The suit of Cups in a tarot reading deal more with the heart than the head, and rely heavily on feelings and relationships.

8 Of Cups Meaning

The 8 of Cups depicts a hooded man walking away from eight stacked gold cups in the foreground. The cups are positioned in such a way that one appears to be missing, indicating a lack of emotional fulfillment and wholeness. With a sense of loss and sadness, the red-cloaked man turns his back on these cups and saunters away into the mountains.

He’s had enough of the cups he’s spent so much time collecting and has decided to pursue a greater purpose. It might be due to boredom or sadness as a result of learning that whatever they have been seeking in life isn’t as joyful or rewarding as they originally imagined. It also demonstrates a desire to separate oneself from others to concentrate on self-improvement, self-understanding, and progress.

The individual embarking on this voyage may also represent a desire for adventure in the unknown. The trip might be undertaken under the premise of attempting new things that have the potential to help one improve both mentally and spiritually. It also demonstrates a desire to separate oneself from others to concentrate on self-improvement, self-reflection, and progress.

A nearby river represents his feelings, while the mountains indicate his realization that this would not be an easy road. (though it will be necessary for true long-term happiness). The vast desolate terrain to which he heads out might also represent facing new obstacles. The moon in the night sky lights the route ahead. The man leaves in the dead of night with the light of the moon as his guide. He looks to be sneaking away, implying that the 8 of Cups may contain elements of escape or avoidance.

8 Of Cups Keywords


  • Letting go

  • Escapism

  • Turning away

  • Introspection

  • Abandonment

  • Traveling

  • Disappointment

  • Self-reflection

  • Left Behind

  • Withdrawal


  • Aimlessness

  • Indecision

  • Fear of rejection

  • Low self-worth

  • Stagnation

  • Drifting along

  • Settling for less

  • Monotony

  • Complacency

  • Avoidance

8 Of Cups Upright

The Eight of Cups Upright, in general, represents a period of change or transition. This may look like abandoning an unsatisfying relationship, job, professional path, housing situation, or creative endeavor that once brought you immense joy but is now a source of stress and worry. Now, the only option is to leave it behind you and go on with your life, even though it is difficult to say goodbye. Deep down, you know it’s not serving your Highest Good, and it’s time to let it go and move on.

Receiving the 8 of Cups Upright shows that you’re unhappy with your day-to-day routine and require a greater purpose in life. The 8 of Cups Upright is an indication that you are bored of earthly things and are ready to embark on a much deeper spiritual path.

You realize something is lacking, especially on an emotional or spiritual level, and that instead of waiting for things to improve, you know you need to leave that unsatisfying situation. If that’s the case, rejoice, for change comes when we least expect it. Because it is a Minor Arcana card symbolizing travel, you may soon find yourself on an adventure in a new and unfamiliar territory.

The Eight of Cups Upright might indicate that you are attempting to avoid a difficult emotional situation or severe psychological troubles and concerns. The Cups in the forefront signify emotional concerns that are still very much alive and well in your life. Yet you attempt to act as if they don’t exist, refusing to deal with them. You may suppress your feelings or refuse to open up about what’s going on with others, choosing to act as if everything is OK or avoiding the situation entirely. The Eight of Cups Upright represent loneliness, introspection, self-analysis, and the pursuit of the truth.

8 Of Cups Reversed

You may be torn between leaving an unsatisfactory situation and trying one more time to make things better when drawing the 8 Of Cups Reversed. But the actual issue is, ‘Can the situation improve, or is it hopeless?’ Because you are paralyzed by fear, you are fighting change.

You are terrified of abandoning the security of what you have constructed because you are afraid of both change and losing something that has provided you with tremendous comfort.

Confusion generally stems from not knowing what is best for you, and the final consequence is that you will be wandering in a sea of ambiguity. Check-in with your instincts to determine whether you should give this scenario another opportunity or release and let go.

The Eight of Cups Reversed advises you to listen to your emotions concerning your future steps. Others may have an opinion, but what is essential to you is what matters. You may look joyful to others around you, but you know that to go on, you must let go of some individuals or situations in your life. Only you know if this scenario is beneficial to you and if there is hope for the future. Consider what you want and then assess whether this decision is in line with your objectives and aspirations.

The Reversed Eight of Cups can also indicate that you are unsure of which route you should choose which causes you to constantly move from one place to the next because you are never happy being in one spot. “On the opposite side, the grass is always greener.” If this rings true for you, consider what makes you happy and how you may arrange your life to reflect your greatest pleasure.

We must be confident that we deserve more and that there are even more pleasant things in store for us if we embark on this road. In a reversed position, this Minor Arcana card might indicate a lack of emotional maturity as well as poor self-esteem or self-worth.

8 Of Cups Love

Unfortunately in a love aspect, the Eight of Cups is not a good omen. The 8 Of Cups Love card signifies abandonment issues or concerns with being deserted. If you are in a relationship, it might mean that either you or your partner may be ready to call it quits on the relationship. You may be so tired of the relationship that you believe you have no choice but to end it.

Take some time to consider whether you are satisfied with the present union or if you’re only with them because of your fear of being alone or re-entering the dating scene. The 8 of Cups Love Tarot card can also indicate that abandonment concerns in your relationship may generate conflict.

If you are single, the Eight of Cups might represent loneliness or apprehension about starting a new relationship. For example, you may believe that being in a long-term relationship is what you desire, but when you materialize it, you realize that what you want is a profound soul connection with someone.

It can also be an indication that abandonment difficulties, such as a terrible prior relationship or parental abandonment, are stopping you from believing in love or trusting others who may be a perfect match as a lover or partner.

8 Of Cups Money

In a professional setting, the Eight of Cups Money card can signify leaving a position that no longer fulfills you. Because the 8 of Cups generally represents going away and leaving things behind, it might be as easy as taking a vacation from work or as difficult as quitting an unsatisfying job. You may be concerned that you are not on the right job path and are contemplating a total career shift.

If you own a business, you may find yourself leaving a failing venture or looking for new and fresh ideas to keep your company competitive. Sometimes, to make the best decisions for ourselves, we must abandon what we have established.

In a financial context, the Eight of Cups cautions you to make careful financial planning and to manage your money wisely. Make sure you understand what is happening with your money because the eight cups might indicate that you may have to give up some of your financial stability to establish the life you want. The Eight of Cups Money Money card can also represent a financial loss in some instances. Take some time to get your finances in order before making any big monetary decisions.

Have you ever experienced turning your back on something that was no longer serving you? What was the result? Do you regret not changing course sooner? How do you find peace when “letting go”? Let’s talk about it! :D


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