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7 Of Pentacles (Coins) - Upright, Reversed, Love, and Career!

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4 months ago

I shuffle my tarot deck until cards fall out. I typically wait for one at a time, or a card that is being especially 'difficult'. Today it's the 7 of Pentacles (we're on a coin train huh?). Each card image is linked to the original deck. You don't have to be 'psychic' to enjoy their beauty and character!

The 7 Of Pentacles is one of my favorite tarot cards for a variety of reasons. The Pentacles, or coins, represent wealth, financial security, success and stability. Who doesn't want more of that in their lives?!??! The suit of coins in tarot is most closely associated with the suit of diamonds in traditional playing cards. Diamonds are a symbol of status and luxury, so it's only fitting. The other reason I enjoy the 7 of Pentacles because the number 7 has such divinity throughout multiple religions and cultures. There are the "Seven Wonders of the World", it's a prime number, it's associated with luck (think about slot machines and jackpots!). According to the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, God took 6 days for creation, but on the 7th he rested. There are 7 days in a week, we use 7 digit phone numbers, it's literally everywhere we look!

Universal Waite Tarot Deck

The 7 Of Pentacles Tarot Card features a young man standing in a field. He obviously looks tired, worn out, and exhausted as he looks down at his hard work and labor. While he takes a break from the day, he uses a shovel, or some type of tool to hold himself up. He looks down at the fruits of his labor, where most of the coins are integrated. At his feet are some leaves, and a single coin. The young man is planning for the future, and taking only what's necessary to better prepare himself for what's ahead. This person has obviously been working hard, but the look on his face says that there is still work to be done!

7 Of Pentacles Keywords


  • Hard work

  • Perseverance

  • Planning ahead

  • Patience

  • Long term view

  • Steady

  • Consistent

  • Progress

  • Growth

  • Results


  • Procrastination

  • Waste

  • Poor planning

  • Laziness

  • Sloth (One of the 7 deadly sins)

  • Stagnant

  • Setback

  • Delay

  • Unrealized potential

  • Giving up too soon

7 Of Pentacles Upright

Connolly Tarot Deck

The 7 Of Pentacles relates to hard work, and seeing things through. You've planted the seeds, and you're beginning to see your work bear fruit. Just because you see a sprout from the ground, or a little success does not mean it's time to relax. Do not stop working toward your end goal. You're well on your way toward achieving that which you've set out to accomplish, and very soon you'll have your time to rest and enjoy what you've worked so hard on. I wrote about what it looks like when you get to finally enjoy your hard work here!

As evidenced in the card, you may be feeling tired or at the end of your there isn't much left in the tank. The young man in the picture is leaning against his tool, taking a breather or reprieve. Don't burn yourself out, to the point where you're unable to handle typical day to day activities. Your hard work is going to pay off, and it is only a matter of time. You're no good to anyone, or anything you're working on if you just work yourself to death.

In the picture you can see a coin toward the bottom, or at the feet of the farmer. You deserve a reward, or a treat for your hard work, make sure you keep something off to the side for yourself. You can store everything away, invest, earn, grow, and multiply your wealth....but how many u-hauls do you see behind hearses? Make sure you put some to the side for yourself, so that you can reward yourself for the hard work and perseverance you've put in.

7 Of Pentacles Reversed

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

The 7 Of Pentacles Reversed means that you may be spinning your wheels, but not making progress. Evaluate what it is you're putting time and energy into, and if it will return as much as you've put in. The 7 Of Pentacles Reversed can also mean that you know what needs to be done, but you're putting it off. Are you making the most of the time you have? You may be 'resting against your shovel', and taking a longer break then necessary. It can be easy to fall into a rut, or get lazy and complacent. Just remember that the seeds you plant now, will eventually need to be harvested.

The other way to look at the 7 Of Pentacles Reversed is putting your lot into something speculative. You're basically 'rolling the dice', just hoping for the best case scenario. Be aware of any shady business opportunities, or 'get rich quick' schemes. You know better, but don't be tempted by 'quick gains' only to lose more. Revisit your budget, and make sure you're not missing on anything. Call your internet/cell phone/bill payer and find out if you can save $$$.

You're literally 3 feet from gold....don't give up now! Maybe you're feeling lazy, or would rather lay in bed all day than do what needs to be done. Every step toward your goal is a step forward, but don't get lazy!

7 Of Pentacles Love

Lover's Path Tarot Deck

The 7 of Pentacles in a love reading indicates that you've been putting in the work, but may not be seeing the desired results. If you're in a relationship it can be an indication that the effort you've put in is going to be rewarded 7 fold. You have done your due diligence, and the result will be magnificent. The time you spend nurturing, caring, and advancing the relationship will result in a wonderful and happy partnership. You, or your partner are both doing their best, and expect this relationship (like all things) to flower and bloom. If you need to take a minute to breathe that's OK! Remember that effort in equals effort out. Don't be discouraged if things aren't going exactly as planned. You aren't interested in short term flings or hookups, you want the 'real deal'.

For those who are single, this card shows you've done work to better yourself. You've spent the time working on yourself, getting to a point that you truly love yourself and are ready for a relationship. Don't settle for the first person that crosses your path though. You've worked hard, and the results will manifest into a partner that is deserving of that work. It can be unsettling being by yourself, but don't rush the process. Focus on what YOU can control, and see your plans through to the end. The person you need will recognize you, and the hard work you put in to get to where you're at!

7 Of Coins Career/Finance

Connolly Tarot Deck

It can feel like your hard work isn't paying off, or you aren't seeing the results you expected. This is just part of the process......DON'T GIVE UP! You are so close to the finish line, and the work you've put in is going to yield results beyond your imagination. Be sure to take a break now and again when you're feeling burned out, or unable to give more. Once you've recovered though, it's time to get back at it!

I referenced the 10 of Pentacles earlier, but the work you're doing now is what leads to that relaxing and peaceful lifestyle. If you feel like you're in the trenches, battling and working every single day, press on! The reward far outweighs the cost, and you'll reflect on this experience later when your goals have come to fruition.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please let me know! I would love hearing feedback, criticism or praise. Let me know how I can get better, or what you think!

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Written by   83
4 months ago
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I like 7 for it is associated with good luck as you've said but I believe every number is good luck :D

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4 months ago

I agree all numbers are important! I read an article that out of 40,000 people polled for their 'favorite number', the #1 answer was '7' and it wasn't close. Very interesting!

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4 months ago