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2 Of Pentacles - Handling The Roller Coaster Of Life

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1 year ago

The 2 of Pentacles represent balance, handling the ups and downs of life, and the capability of dealing with everything on your plate. While the 2 Of Swords is about handling internal struggle, the 2 Of Pentacles focuses more on balancing responsibilities and prioritizing what needs to be done. The Pentacles in tarot are one of 4 suits in the Minor Arcana. Typically the Pentacles, or “coins” suit deal with money, finances, hard work and material wealth. The Pentacles suit in tarot is associated with the suit of diamonds in traditional playing card decks. The similarity is obvious, with diamonds being a sign of affluence, status, wealth and success. Pentacles are also tied to the element earth of the 4 elements.

2 Of Pentacles Description

The 2 Of Pentacles depict a young man dancing on the beach. He juggles two coins in both hands, focused on maintaining balance between dancing and juggling at the same time. This is an indication of how important balance is in all aspects of our life. An infinity sign surrounds both of the coins of the youth, representing his capability of handling an unlimited amount of problems, situations, or tasks at once. The young man seems blissfully unaware of his surroundings, completely engaged in what he's doing.

Universal Waite Tarot Deck

Behind the young man we can see two ships, making their way over rough and choppy water. The boats and water are just another representation of the rollercoaster we experience as we go through life. Neither of the two ships have crashed, and with proper focus and attention, they will continue to survive the intense waves.

2 Of Pentacles Keywords


  • Ups and Downs

  • Resourcefulness

  • Balance

  • Adaptability

  • Flexibility

  • Juggling Responsibilities

  • Managing Priorities

  • Time Management

  • Stability in Life

  • Steadiness


  • Disorganized

  • Unsteady

  • Overwhelmed

  • Chaotic

  • Imbalance

  • Overextended

  • Poor Planning

  • Rigid

  • Inflexible

  • Instability

2 Of Pentacles Upright

English Magic Tarot Deck

The Two Of Pentacles upright signifies balance in life, and it can relate to all areas. Health, wealth, relationships, work, leisure, hobbies, vices, and time. Receiving the Two Of Pentacles Upright can mean that you're handling the many obligations in your life efficiently. You're doing a magnificent job of dividing your attention to the areas you're focused on, but not neglecting your other responsibilities. The infinity shows up here, and in the Magician Tarot Card. This displays that you're capable of juggling the day to day interruptions that come up. You have the capability of maintaining balance in life, and you're effectively managing your time to handle sudden interruption.

Receiving the Two Of Pentacles Upright can also indicate how busy you are, and you're probably feeling spread too thin. Being 'busy' isn't necessarily a bad thing, but evaluate how efficient you're being with your time. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off isn't the best use of your time. Time may fly by when we're busy, but is it utilized effectively? Be sure to plan your day, and allocate an adequate amount of time to effectively complete your tasks.

One thing to remember when it comes to the 2 Of Pentacles.....Life will throw you curve balls. We're constantly going through ups, and downs. If you're currently experiencing a 'low' point right now, it's O.K., this is temporary. If you're experiencing a 'high' point right now, enjoy it...this is temporary. Our lives are in a constant state of up's and down's, and finding consistency is always the ideal. No matter what part of the rollercoaster you may find yourself on right now, do your best to stay level headed and balanced!

2 Of Pentacles Reversed

Gummy Bear Tarot Deck

Seeing the Two Of Pentacles Reversed can mean that there's just to much going on. You're struggling to maintain a balance with the things that are keeping your attention. This can mean that you're spending too much time at work, and neglecting your family or social life. Take a closer look at what areas of your life are taking up the majority of your time and attention. Identify what areas are lacking, or could use a little more time and focus. Better balance between the things in your life will serve you well!

Feeling overwhelmed and chaotic are both characteristics with the Two Of Pentacles Reversed. This is a perfect time to sit down and review the plan you've set before yourself (or create one!). Managing your time effectively, sticking to a schedule, and directing your focus toward the most important tasks at hand will relieve stress and tension. You have limitless potential, as referenced by the infinity sign surrounding the two coins. You're fully capable of handling all of the tasks presented to you, but it may take proper planning and resolve.

If you feel like you have too many 'irons in the fire', then it's probably time to reevaluate what it is you're trying to accomplish. It's one thing to juggle the up's and down's of life, but it's totally different when you continue to add multiple levels of responsibility. Check where you're devoting your time, and if it isn't resulting in what you desire....make a change!

2 Of Pentacles Love

Lovers Path Tarot Deck

The 2 Of Pentacles Love Tarot Card can indicate making a decision about a relationship. If you're in a relationship, where are you dedicating your time? Look at the relationship objectively, and identify if you need to spend more time giving your partner the attention they need. Often times our goals and definite purpose take up the majority of our time.... and loved ones seem to be cast to the side. Finding a balance between work and family are a significant point with the 2 Of Pentacles Love card. Identify the status of the relationship with your partner, and determine if their needs are being adequately met. If you're focused on a particular project or task, it may be to your partners benefit, but they may not realize that. Recognize that their needs are just as important as what you're working on, and find time to explain that to them.

Being single and receiving the 2 Of Pentacles Love Tarot Card suggests that your focus may be lopsided. Are you constantly thinking about finding a new partner, desperate for a relationship? What about being totally focused on what you're working toward, ignoring potential love opportunities that present themselves? It may be time to take a breath, and devote additional time to being aware of your surroundings. There is no wrong answer with the 2 Of Pentacles Love card. Be single and focus on the task at hand, or manage your time and pay attention to opportunities that can yield romance.

2 Of Pentacles Career/Finance

Aquarian Tarot Deck

The 2 Of Pentacles Career meaning suggests that you're at a crossroads. You may be up for a promotion, but you have a brilliant business idea that you want to implement. Take the road less traveled, or follow the path you've been on? There is no 'wrong' answer, but you'll have to live with the decision. Stick to your current position, and you may find yourself with an additional workload that you have to balance? Decide on starting a new business and the time you had for leisure or other activities may be taken away... At the end of the day, you need to manage your time effectively. The 2 Of Pentacles show a youth that's dancing and happy, so pick a path that leads the same way!

When you receive the 2 Of Pentacles in a finance or money reading, it indicates that you're juggling your money. Paying credit cards with other cards? Dipping into savings to cover other expenses? Look at your budget and find out where you can eliminate silly expenses. There's nothing wrong with cutting back in order to reach your goal! Are you saving for a home, but going out to eat 5 nights a week? Do you want to pay bills down, but you continue adding to the card? There's nothing wrong with splurging every now and again, but take control of your finances and balance your budget!

What are you balancing in your life right now? Do you feel like there's too much on your plate, and spread too thin? How are you managing your time to juggle everything going on in your life? Let's have a conversation!

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Written by   93
1 year ago
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Just like in the two of pentacles love prediction, I can say that I sometimes forget to give time to my partner. I failed to communicate that my work is for us and not just for me. I think I should really start to communicate.

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1 year ago

Not much for me just the usual mommy duties, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.. I like the the Two Of Pentacles upright which signifies balance in life..

$ 0.05
1 year ago

Don't sell yourself short! You have the most important job of all, and I can imagine you have a thousand things you're 'balancing' at the same time. You're so used to it that it just seems natural. I appreciate you!!! :D

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yeah it has become a routine.. Thank you i appreciate it☺️

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1 year ago