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10 Of Pentacles (Coins) - New Tarot Reading In All Positions!

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4 months ago

Instead of doing a 'daily' tarot reading, on 3 different cards and vague explanations of each....I've decided to focus on one card at a time, and list it's meanings and significance in all different positions and readings. This gives me the ability to focus in on a card, and actually give me .02 cents (Awful pun) so to speak! Underneath each card is a caption with the link to getting your own tarot deck, if you've been considering it or just enjoy the pictures!

The 10 of pentacles (or coins), is one of four suits in the minor arcana of tarot card decks. The pentacles/coins suit is most commonly associated with the suit of diamonds in normal playing card decks. This suit also represents the element ‘earth’ of the four elements. The pentacles suit is synonyms with wealth, material possessions, money.

Most 10 of Pentacles cards feature a scene with an old man with white hair and a beautiful cloak sitting next to his two loyal white dogs. He stares forward at a young family with a small child, standing underneath the archway of a castle. The 10 coins are spread throughout the scene, indicating wealth and abundance to everything it touches.

Traditional Smith-Waite Rider Tarot Deck

I believe the old man is the father (and grandfather to the young child) of the couple. His family is now sharing in the fruits of his labor, and the family crest/archway indicate a very high status. He looks forward at the life he has made, that is full of material wealth and success. He now gets to enjoy his wealth, and pass it on to those he loves and cares for.

Keywords For 10 Of Pentacles


  • Wealth

  • Legacy

  • Affluence

  • Abundance

  • Business

  • Success

  • Receiving

  • Material Blessing

  • Family


  • Financial Ruin

  • Spending Foolishly

  • Debt

  • Poverty

  • Broke

  • Bad Investments

  • Loss

  • Chance

  • Robbery

10 Of Pentacles Upright

Gummy Bear Tarot Deck

The 10 Of Pentacles Upright indicates a job well done, and completion of your hard work. You achieved what you set out to do, but only because of the effort that you faithfully put in. Material wealth and abundance are yours, and because this is the last number card of the pentacles it is another sign of completion. The financial endeavors you set for yourself have come to fruition. The promotion you've been working towards, or the closing of a new home are good examples of reaping the seeds you've planted.

You can see your legacy in this card. You are happy that you get to take care of and give back to your family, friends, and those in need. The relationships you have with the ones closest to you are in alignment and harmony. Thinking about how your material wealth can take care of your loved ones bring you tremendous joy. Life is good, and the problems you've had with family or money are now in the past!

10 Of Pentacles Reversed

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck

If the 10 Of Pentacles upright means stability, security, and abundance.....when in the reversed position it signifies poverty, lack, instability, and financial difficulty. When you receive this card in the reversed position, take a step back and reconsider any major purchases you are considering. Take a look over your finances and see where you may be throwing money out the window, or being taken advantage of. Re-assess any potential business ventures or investment opportunities. Make sure you're still 'storing away for winter', and not just playing while the sun shines.

I also consider this card as a warning against some of the traps having material abundance and success bring. "Mo money, mo problems" right? Being financially secure, or having an over abundance of material possessions can lead to an insatiable desire for more and more. What you have isn't enough, and you're constantly chasing the newest, fanciest, or shiniest things.

A FARRRRR too often misquoted verse in the New Testament, 1 Timothy 6:10 says: For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. Money and financial security isn't evil, making it our priority over everything else at the expense of others certainly is though.

Love Position

The Lovers Path Tarot Deck

The 10 of coins during a love reading indicates stability, harmony, and unity. If you're currently in a relationship then this card can mean you can expect a long, and stable relationship. You are interested in making that long term commitment, whether that's marriage, having a child, moving in together, feeling comfortable enough to use the bathroom in front of your partner.... whatever it may be. The relationship is secure and strong, and you have a strong connection to your partners parents as well.

On the hand, those who aren't in a relationship are choosing to be single for a reason. You understand that you won't just settle for someone, and you aren't interested in a 'quick fling'. You are interested in finding someone long term, 'the one', your soulmate. Any hardships or extended period of being alone are over. Despite not needing to be 'taken care of', you may meet someone who enjoys showering with material gifts and affection.

Family is important to you, and the work and time you've put into the relationships with them has created a rock hard bond. It feels good to know that you can count on your family, and they find comfort knowing they can rely on you. Blood is thicker than water, and the ties to your family are strengthened.

10 Of Coins Career/Finance

Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck

Any coin/pentacle card is generally a good sign for a money/career tarot reading. This card can indicate receiving large sums of money unexpectedly. This may come from a family member, or extended family. An inheritance, surprise gift, or financial gain can be heading your way. The stability and strong foundation represented by this card can also mean that the business your in, or project you've been working for are secure and ready to advance. You've climbed the financial ladder and you are at, or just a few rungs from the top. Don't give up now, and trust that the success you've worked so hard for is just a step away.

You can be receiving, or giving support to your family with this card present. You have the capability of extending yourself in any way to care for and protect your loved ones. Maybe you and a sibling go into business together. Not only do you find great success, but it further strengthens your relationship. You are being wise with your investments, and taking calculated risks. At this stage, everything you touch is basically turning to gold!

This works far better for me, because it allows me to really get 'dialed in' on a card and draw out a meaningful reading. It also gives me the ability to post this content on the website I manage, which before I was unable to do! Thank you for reading, and thank you everyone for the tremendous support. You amaze me every day!

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Written by   83
4 months ago
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