Industry 4.0 - The new normal

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2019 was a game changer. Corona Virus striked hard and the world was hit. We all felt the heat (went through issues) although at different levels but something was happening at the same time. A new revolution of technology was evolving.

As we were forced to stay at home because of the pandemic, demand for goods and services didn't stop but kept increasing & someone/something has to the job and that was how industry 4.0 sets in.

Industry 4.0 is all about connecting the physical aspects to digital assets. It connects cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things to create a highly intelligent, integrated, and automated manufacturing ecosystem that spans far beyond the traditional work.

Two words I want you to take note of is AUTOMATION and INTEGRATION . Industry 4.0 component will automate and integrate all systems which means that the work that humans do will be taking over by industry 4.0 technology. How? With RPA and big data, accounting, payrolls and other duties of an accountant will be carried out without the interference of humans, the advertisement industry is now taken over by digital marketing, customer service representative will be taken over by bots, sales person will be obsolete and taken over completely with e-commerce, security guards replaced with facial recognition, bus drivers replaced with self driving cars, civil engineers and even doctors are not left out. The potential loss of jobs will so much

2021 will be a tougher year.

Only Masters will survive.

The next 10 years will be a revolutionary decade.

The world will evolve fully. It will go Digital. There will be 5G and 6G and 7G.

The Internet Of Things will be completed.

The disparity between the rich and the poor will widen.

There will be no middle class.

You will either be poor or rich.

Money will become purely digital. Bitcoin, Altcoin, Tokens. Community Coin.

I mean the real money will be Digital.

Money will become value exchange.

Money will be shared only within communities. Virtually mostly.

Money will be made only based on:

The Value you create

The Value you add

The Problems you solve

The Solutions you provide through your expertise

The Products and services you will be able to sell.

Don't be scared but be prepared by asking yourself how you can be relevant for 2021.

Now I ask you what are you doing to be relevant with the advent of Industry 4.0?

Your either jump into the bandwagon or you miss the bus.




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