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Do Not Die A Useless Death.

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5 months ago

I am using this week to honor Chadwick Boseman so please don't get bored whenever I mention his name in my posts.

Everyone's mourning the Black Panther Legend, especially those closest to him who really feel the pain so I don't even think you'd mourn him well.

Despite the fact that his death brought sorrow to most people, it brought joy and inspiration to a more than equal amount of people; especially those who knew him not.

I can boldly say this because I am one of those people who got inspired by his death.

If you read the biography of Boseman, you will discover that he did so much with his life and was a great inspiration to a whole lot of people who knew him.

His death made him even more popular because it was necessary for his legacy to move on.

His death will birth more inspiration and his death will give people more motivation to live because of his life.

Boseman lived a good life and his death is spurring people to maximize their life just as he did; even in a more better fashion.

His death wasn't bad; it was good and bad!

His death wasn't sorrowful; it was joyful and sorrowful!

His death wasn't wrong; it was right and wrong!

If at this point you are confused, don't try to understand. Just don't try!

As I freeze these thoughts and drop my pen, I want you to think and begin to plan so that you do not die a useless death!

If your death cannot do something for people alive, then don't die!

Go do something with your life and then you die!

Please let us not be ashamed of your death!

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The thought on how I will die never comes to my mind, but this article of your is an eye - opener to me. Death is part of our life. No one has exemption when it comes to death. All will die at the right time. Living the life we want and do what makes is happy is a meaningful way of living. Do worthwhile for as long as you live and your death will be meaningful.

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5 months ago

You said: Go do something with your life and then you die!

Very well said. Death, is a part of life. If your life had meaning, your death will have a meaning too.

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5 months ago

Thanks for your awesome contribution.... Let's have a meaningful life to be remembered of

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5 months ago