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My Beginning

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3 months ago
Topics: Introduction

Hello friends, I want to introduce myself first.

My name is Alvin S. Ascura at the age of 19, I was a normal student, I am the eldest and I have three siblings, two brothers, and one sister, I live in Negros province.

I don't have a job, so I just help with household chores, and sometimes I'm the salesman at mom's variety store when she's not around.

I hang out at the computer shop when I have nothing to do at home, sometimes I also play computer games with my friends and after I play, I'll go home and cook our dish for dinner, and after I eat I will cleanse my body in the bathroom and go to the bedroom and sleep.

I'm sorry for my English because I'm not good at English, but I'll do everything to make this my first post.


I want to introduce you guys to my family.

Rily Gean Ascura

this is my mother, she is a saleswoman in our variety store, my mother also sometimes cooks our dish for dinner when I'm not home yet.

She is also the one who washes the clothes of my Siblings. (I just wash my clothes)

Edwin Ascura

My father lives in manila to work. he makes soap, but he don't have a soap factory but he has another house and there he works.

He also repaired the broken parts of our house when he was here in the negros province, and he also cooks our dishes for lunch and dinner.

Kent Rilwyne Ascura

He is my second brother, he is addicted to online games like "Mobile legends" he is often late for dinner and stays up early in the morning.

he is a dishwasher, (sometimes I do the washing)
and he is the one who buys items and soft drinks in our store.

Evee Gwen Ascura

She is my third sister, the only woman among the siblings. she is the saleswoman in our store when my mother or I am not there.

She always plays with her cousins when she has time to play with her cousins, she does not socialize with other people on the outside.

Rhed Algin Ascura

He is the youngest, he always plays offline games on my mother's smartphone, he is often reprimanded for playing too much, he loves animals that he does not often see such as snakes, turtles, mantis, and so on.


I love online games, so I play in the computer shop, I am not a fan of physical games like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and other sports.

I have physical games that I used to love before, such as patintero, tagu-taguan, tumbang preso, and so on. but it has passed, and today’s technologies are evolving every year.

These are the games I played before and until now:
Crossfire and League of Legends, and I also have mobile games played like Genshin impact and LoL Wildrift.


This is where I got into this game, I started playing it in 2009 because this game was trendy that year and this is where my addiction to the game started when I was still in manila.

I enjoy playing crossfire especially when I'm with my friends back then and I invited my second brother to play it. Many games are very similar to crossfire such as Specialforce, Pointblank, Assultfire, and others.

Those are the only three games I know that competed in crossfire at that time, and I also played those three, but I was interested in crossfire then.

In 2013 I started spending a lot of money, I always top-up my account because I want to buy characters and VIP weapons.

in 2016 I stopped playing because my brother forgot the password. After all, he was the one I ordered to change the password. I didn't hurt him because he's my brother, it hurts me that I lost my account because I worked hard for it and I spent a lot on that account and I just let things happen.

A few days passed and he recommended to me that we play League of legends together.

Source: I edited this with PicsArt

League of legends

Since I no longer have a crossfire account I tried to play LoL. In 2016, I went home to manila a few months ago, and yeah I lost my account here in manila. after a few months, I was playing LoL with my brother and I gradually became addicted to the LoL game that time.

After our school class, we will go to my classmates to a computer shop and we will play LoL. in 2019 the pandemic started and all the computer shops are closed and my choice is watching the anime I downloaded on the computer when it was still open.

And mobile games are gradually emerging because the computer shop is closed and, Mobile Legends have become popular here in the Philippines.

In 2016 I was able to play mobile legends because it was similar to League of Legends, but I wasn't satisfied I don't know why.

Screenshot on my phone

And riot games announced that they will be releasing new mobile games called "League of legends wildrift" and this is what I was looking forward to.

But now we can play games in the computer shop in our area and Crossfire and LoL are still the ones we play.

How I discovered

While I was playing in the computer shop, my friend told me to try at first I thought I couldn't because I didn't know how to write an article and I didn't know anything in English. he taught me how to make an article and thank him for not letting me down, and until I was slowly learning to write my article


I plan to save money for my future, Not only do I want to save, but I also want to budget for myself.

Plan to buy:

I want to buy a computer because it makes it easier for me to work and create articles and so on.

I also want to buy a new smartphone because my smartphone now has a cracked screen and it quickly low battery

I don't have many clothes and my clothes are old, even on occasion I do not have them.

And this is where my first post will end, many thanks to you friends, and also thanks to my friend here for discovering in my life, I hope you live longer and GOD bless you all.

And thanks for the time you spent on my post, stay safe everyone, Bye.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
Topics: Introduction
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Hello welcome to read cash.. keep learning and earning to reach ur plans and goals..good luck..

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3 months ago

Oy nag lalaro ako ngayon ng wildrift, PN Roel pangalan ko tapos challenger na, laro Tayo minsan, pag patuloy mo lng yan valin, mag suppotahan Tayo dito😊

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3 months ago

Haha ngayon pass muna ako tol kasi may gagawin pa ako sa bahay eh, next time pag may oras ako. 😊

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3 months ago

hello there, welcome here and I hope gou enjoy your experience here, You can visit my account/profile, made some guides for newbies

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3 months ago

Thanks for the advice, i will definitely enjoy while earning.

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3 months ago

Welcome here po.. Good decision spending some time here topublish an article..imagine, you are able to practice your writing skills while earning... Don't waste all your time in an online game..

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3 months ago

Thanks for your advice, for now I will focus on writing the article and studying, of course I still play if I have time.

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3 months ago

Oh hello there.. Welcome here sa readcash.🎉. Just enjoy being here buddy and try to interact to others ..Just lie what you did in my last artikol😁..You're an otaku also ah.. Keep interacting lang ..keep writing..madaming generous na authors dito. worth it lahat yan pag nabisita ka ni bot.😊

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3 months ago

Salamat sa advice , at mag fo-focus na ako sa kasama yung mga friends ko kasi sila dahilan bakit ako nandito.

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3 months ago

Nag lalaro din ako nang crossfire noon, pero tumigil na ako kasi may trabaho ako at may pangangailangan

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3 months ago