Accelerating Bitcoin Cash adoption.

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There is one thing that can possibly attract a lot of people to work and build Bitcoin Cash economy. Here is the idea.

Bitcoin Cash advanced commercial app & website.

Solutions for both online and offline commerce. A self funding system without necessary investments to reward new users. All rewards are coming from payments that users make.

What it requires:

  • affiliate system.

  • payment split.

  • cashbacks.

1.) Affiliate System.

The only place that I have seen affiliate system implementation with Bitcoin Cash is Noise.Cash social network. I am not sure how exactly it works, would like to learn more, but I think this is exactly what a commercial app needs, a lot of payment apps and internet banking apps offer rewards for inviting people to sign up, Bitcoin Cash needs something similar.

A referral system where each user would be able to earn income by promoting Bitcoin Cash commercial app - platform. Let's say Bob has a shop, Mike invites Bob to use Bitcoin Cash commercial app, Bob would benefit by using Bitcoin Cash and attracting more buyers, Mike would benefit by getting a referral income for each item Bob is selling on Bitcoin Cash platform. The reward e.g could be 0.01% for each payment Bob receives via Bitcoin Cash marketplace.

Such a system would attract both merchants, and bloggers who want to earn extra money by promoting the platform.

2.) Payment Split.

Split Payments is required to facilitate cashbacks, I have learned about splitting payments by watching Roger Ver video where he is explaining how Uber could benefit using Bitcoin Cash

and I thought, that's great, not only Uber but many other merchants can benefit from it. How? A lot of merchants might need to boost their sales, by creating a cashback for certain products, which they choose, and the amount of cashback, for example 1% or 30%, they can attract new buyers, especially if there is an online marketplace, where they could promote their products.

3.) Cashback.

How Cashbacks could work? Sellers can use CashTags to set prices for each product, and insert a script where they choose the amount of CashBack. Online BCH marketplace (something like Amazon or Ebay) with all cashback offers available for buyers could be a big deal.

Of course all of this needs to be implemented on a single app, so it would be convenient for users. I am not a developer, but I think this is achievable. I have been talking with some devs and as far as I understand it is possible, affiliate system already exists, payment splits can be implemented on the app too.

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Uhhh i don't think it's gonna work. It's needed more adaptation

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