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The Catholic School: Where Students Are..

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1 month ago

My parents enrolled me in a Catholic school 5 minutes away from our house when I was ten years old. For the duration of my high school career, that school served as my second home. For four years, I was a student there.

To give you a quick overview of this school, it was built specifically for the children of the villagers. I was just wondering why this school was created "for the poor," but the tuition is very unrealistic! But, in the end, I can say that the private school's teachings are quite advanced. Every year, I had three math subjects and four sciences!

So, returning to the title I created, I just wanted to share with you how a Catholic student acts. To tell you the truth, Catholic students are NOT angels. If you were or are a Catholic student and you think I am lying, please accept my apologies. This is what I'd been seen for the past four years. I created this content not because I dislike the school, but because I wanted to be fair to the other students as well. That, they may not expect more about the catholic school.

So yeah, Catholic school is not for students who are well-behaved. To be honest, Catholic schools in our country have some of the highest tuition fees. I recall that when we were about to have a quarter exam and I still hadn't paid the other half of my tuition, my adviser escorted me out of the classroom, refused to let me take the test, and gave me a minus grade. He even issued me a report for it. There was also a time when I forgot my diary and a book in one of the subjects on that day, and when the professor came in and checked our books and saw nothing from me, he did not let me listen to the discussion and gave me a warning.

When it comes to my classmates, I can tell you how much of a bully they are. I'll never forget the pen name they gave me because I was so unattractive at the time. They refer to me as a "bulldog," which is a type of dog. I also recall them making fun of me whenever I couldn't solve a math problem. To top it all off, my Math professor nagged me and said, "Hija, simple arithmetic you don't know how to solve?" The entire class laughed at me.

A rare photo of me, the year 2012- 2013

But, of course, thank God, I still have friends who I treasure to this day. There was a time when we would hang out after class and ask our parents if we could have a 'grouping' outside or at one of our classmates' houses, but the truth is that we would just have a small party with alcohol as our drinks. Also, there are times when some of my friends and I do not want to attend the class, so we skip it and eat at McDonald's.

Another photo of me during a field trip

So, that's how my high school experience in a Catholic school looks. What I wanted to say is that sometimes you have the authority to make decisions in which society will shape you, and it's not true that all students in Catholic and private schools are well-behaved. Sometimes it's the students themselves. They will be the ones to decide whether they will take the evil or good direction.

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Written by   5
1 month ago
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Well, I somehow agree or do not agree with that. I do agree that It's up to us which we choose evil or bad but I think the company really matters. When you choose good company for yourself then you will automatically stay away from evil deeds.

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1 month ago