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Never me

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4 months ago

If I told you not to go

Would you trust me and never leave

Your bag of clothes... check

The chocolates and lotions in a balikbayan box

pagkage... check,

Your laptop... Check

Passport... Check

Hoodie that you're going to wear because you are easy to feel cold... Check

Everything is good and ready, you're finally going home, to your family and to your person, to your Lia.

You were finish packing all the things because your flight will be tomorrow, after packing all the things your bestfriend Jen came to your door...

"are you done?" jen said while smiling and holding the dozen can of beers.

"yep" you were reciprocating the smile she showed you a while ago.

You both sit in the sofa where ypu always hangout after a long day of work, she handed you a can of beer and you took it, you both drink and relax yourself in the cozy vibes on your condo in Canada, Jen is your bestfriend and also your coworker, you're both an OFW, and you rent this condo for the both of you.

"You're so excited huh" jen said while taking a sip on her beer

"yup, too excited to leave you, I'm so sick of your face hahahahahaha" you said while laughing at her

A pillow just hit your face, Jen throw the pillow while glaring at you.

"come on I'm just kidding hahahha" you smile like an idiot before taking a sip on your beer

"ughhh I hate you" Jen said with groaning and annoyed in her face.

"I thought you love me" you act like your acting hurt while touching your chest.

Jen looked away from you and you don't know that she's red as tomatoes rightnow, yes Jen is secretly inlove with you since middle school, you were classmate back then but you don't know her feelings for you.

"come on Jen I'm just kidding hahaha, it's just... It's just I'm too excited to see Lia again..." you said

Silenceee... The room felt wrapped in silence

If I told you to stay with me

Would that be something that will ruin you dream

Sometimes I wish I was

As selfish as everyone else

So I can keep you here

All for myself

Jen stop midway on drinking his can of beer, after you said that, after she hears the name that she wish she has, the person she wish she is, the perso you love and she wish that she would be that person.

"You miss her that much? " Jen plainly asked you

"yeah" you smiling while drinking your beer its your 2nd can of beer, but jen seem like feel to drink tonight she is on her four can of beer, she easil chugged fast the beer like it's a water.

But we both know

It's not what you need

And we both know

I'm not who you need

"my flight is tomorrow Jen, I'm going home tomorrow, and I think I woul stay there for a long while" you said looking at her

"T-thats great" she replied to you and smile but her smile never reach his eyes like she always show when she's really happy

"hey Jen... Im going home and you'll be alone here, are you sure you're going to be okay?"

"oh come on I'm a strong independent woman okay hahahaha"

"true hahahaha"

She just throw you the empty can of beer and stand up, she's about to walk but she almost fall down bht your fast to catch her, you walk her into her bed and help her to lay down. You're about to go but she held your arms...

"Ple.... s.. E.... Ehtay " she mumble words that you don't clearly understand

"what?" you asked her and sit to face her

"p-pl-please stay"

You heard her but you just shrugged it off and just stand up and get a blanket for her

"I love you, I wish I was Lia"

"it's unfair"

"I'm the first one you met"

"I'm the only one on your side always"

"how come you never see me"

Jen talking while facing her back at you.

You thought jen was just drunk, so you just shrugged it off and went to your room. After you shut the door, jen started her silent cry, she cry her heart out, she doesnt know where she get that strength to say those things to you, she just thank the alcohol on her system, because you think that it's the alcohol talking. She just let herself cry in pain and fell asleep that night.

'Cause by the time you start to head home

And gather your things

I already know the name

That you will instantly heed

"bye Jen" you said while opening your arms for her to hugged you.

"I'm gonna miss you moron" Jen said to you while tears started to fell down on her face

"take care Jen and also call me every time you want hahahaha"

"I'll surely call you every seconds until Lia thought I'm your mistress" Jen joked at you, then you remeber what she last night, the thought of jen being inlove with you without you even noticing, you erased the thoughts when you hear the your destination is already calling you on board

"Come here little puppy hahahh" you hugged her again really tight like it will be the last time, and you kissed her forehead

" Take care pup, I'll miss you"

"I'll miss you too pup" she said

You both said your farewell and you walked away

And we both know

I'm not who you need

And we both know

That it's never me

You started walking away from jen, and Jen looked at you like she is letting the best thing go and fade away, Jen knew that you will always be her person but for she was just your bestfriend.

Sometimes I wish I was

As selfish as everyone else

So I can lie to you

And tell you one last thing

I am the one you need

I am the one you need

Jen sometimes wish that she could own you, she would is she could but this she thinks that this lifetime is not for the both of you, and she's not the one you need, yet sometimes she wish she was. But for now it's time for her to let go and accept the fact that she's not the one you need.

It's just a random fiction I was just inspired by this song, awwww ansaket talaga ng kanta na to "never me" by I belong to the zoo, o diba title pa lang hayss ansaya maging masokista hahaha have a goodnight everyone.

If you want to listen to the song guys here's the link

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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That was fun to read, I like to write random pieces of fiction too!

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4 months ago

Woahh, I woul love to read your pieces too

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4 months ago