What is More Valuable, Privacy or Security?

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Privacy and security are concerns with the people's data collected/harvested by digital identity service providers, government bodies, and private corporations.

  • Both privacy and security are important for all Internet users.

I raise a question.

  • What is more valuable, privacy or security?

We will take an example with biometrics.

Biometric data are vulnerable to privacy threats.

Privacy advocates are tired of saying biometrics doesn't preserve citizens' personal data privacy.

  • Still, companies, digital identity service providers, and governments are shamelessly asking for biometrics for KYC.

  • Can they ensure that biometrics spoofs can't be used to befool the biometric data sensors?

But, global citizens are providing biometrics for whatever places they are asked for, whether in the bank, mobile phone service provider, or a nation's VISA processing center.

  • Because losing privacy does not seem to cause any severe harm to them.

Biometrics is also a security threat.

Biometrics has some unique traits.

  • Biometrics is physically identifiable human characteristics.

  • Biometrics recognition gives match or rejection in probabilistic measures.

That means biometrics recognition is not deterministic like text passwords/PINs.

  • Biometrics recognition is probabilistic and hence unreliable.

Thus, biometrics is a security threat.

What is important, biometrics privacy or biometrics security?

  • Both privacy and security associated with biometric data are important.

But, for our online digital identities, security comes first priority than data privacy.

  • Users may lose access to their digital identity due to the weak security features of biometrics recognition technology.

Losing one's digital identity means a significant loss if connected with the banking and other online services and accounts login.


  • I will not adopt the biometrics authentication factor for my digital identity due to the security-lowering traits of biometrics.

  • Data privacy of biometrics is another threatening concern.

The primary concern is to protect the security of the digital identity.

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Aug 31, 2023

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I think privacy and security is connected to each other, both equally important to me. Thanks for sharing a lot of things. There is no reliability of 100% security.

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3 months ago

Security is more critical because it preserves the account holders' authority and ownership over it.

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3 months ago