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Have you explored the "Unpublish" feature?

I recently discovered the "Unpublish" button on read.cash, and I was blown away when I accidentally clicked it! I didn't lose anything. I learned a lesson worth sharing, at least I think so.

I published my last article, "Dream," etc., before the two-days "update" of the platform. The temporary stopped state of the blogging platform was our testing time for patience. Many of us thought it was a crashing/hacking of the platform!

BTW, I managed to post, "Update and Upgrade Life" after the big "Update" of read.cash. It reminds why a regular "Update and Upgrade" is always needed.

Now, without pouring any more side texts, I go to my discovery on read.cash.

I discovered the "Unpublish" feature after the great "Update"

Image 1 caption & source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Later read.cash reorganized its website with all its feature restored. I was too eager to write and post. First, I thought to update my last post on "Dream," which was tipped by a very few (as usual), including @Oikawa @CandyBoy and our digital well-wisher "TheRandomRewarder."

When I clicked the "Edit" button, I just noticed the "Unpublish" button below the "Publish" button. I was curious and thought to experiment with it later. But, accidentally, the mouse hit the "Unpublish" button.

Image 2 caption & source: Cropped screenshot from writing editor of read.cash.

The effect is awesomely pathetic! My post came out of public viewing because it did receive the impact of "publishing." I am not surprised by the click, but I am curious.

It is clear that "Unpublish" and "Delete" are distintly different features, "Delete" permanently deletes an article, with only one chance to recover as an unsaved draft. But, "Unpublish" permanently takes out an already published article from the public view, which can, of course, be re-published later.

There is no worry of missing the tipped amount from an "Unpublished" article because the tipped amounts are already transferred to the in-browser crypto wallet. In my experiment, I found that the minimal tips from my supporters and our digital AI-driven friend "TheRandomRewarder" already reached the digital in-browser wallet.

I am curious to know a few points from read.cash

Image 3 caption & source: Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

The questions are pretty simple, but I don't find these points raised or described in the help articles of read.cash.

I write down the questions without any hesitation:

  1. What if I "Re-Publish" an "Unpublished" article as it is?

  2. What if I change the title a little bit (improve) and "Re-Publish?"

  3. What if I modify the content in the body and "Re-Publish?"

Will the platform algorithm detect an "Unpublished" and then "Re-Published" article as "self-plagiarism?"


  • I recently discovered a new feature called "Unpublish" on the editor of read.cash.

  • It is clear that "Unpublish" and "Delete" are different features in the writing editor.

  • I "Unpublished" an article for an experiment.

  • Now, I wish to know if I "Re-Publish" the article as it is, what would happen?

  • Would I be marked for "self-plagiarism" by the platform algorithm?


I am a novice on read.cash but not in the blogging domain. I have been a tech blogger since 2014. I discovered a new feature of read.cash writing GUI doesn't mean nobody found it earlier. Maybe, the feature was available before the update. I hope some of you will comment and correct me.


Lead Image: I created the animation with my texts and a Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from PexelsSources of all other images are mentioned below the respective images.

Disclaimer: All texts are mine and original. Any similarity and resemblance to any other content are purely accidental. The article is not advice for life, career, or business. Do your research before adopting any options.

Unite and Empower Humanity.

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December 23, 2021

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Merry Christmas

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1 year ago

I very much appreciate your empathetic time management. I wish you a peaceful and happy time ahead.

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1 year ago

If you re-publish an "Unpublished" post, the article turns up again among the published ones, but not as a new article. You still have your old views, thumbs-up etc, even the publishing date remains the original one. Since "Rusty" hardly ever tips anything after the first three days, it's not likely you get any tips from him again- and with your article being "old", it gets minimum exposure.

It's not self-plagiarism, it is still the same article, not a new one. If you change in the contents,it is still the old one, although "edited".

About changing title, I don't know. The title is a part of the URL,which would also change then.I don't know if the system recognises that as an old article any longer in such a case.

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1 year ago

I appreciate your detailed reply that covers most of the points. In my limited understanding, there could be a possibility of getting auto-flagged by the platform algorithm, a status MANY accounts are facing here - then the user's posts/comments are not visible on the feed, the comments are auto flagged!

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1 year ago

Yes, you are right about that, that could be a risk, although I doubt that would happen. Perhaps if you repeatedly unpublish and re-publish articles, but hardly if you do it just one time or two. However, don't take my word for final in that question, I really do not know.

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1 year ago

Yes, there could be some negative outcomes of "Unpublish" and "Re-Publish."

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1 year ago