Unacceptable Traits of Bitcoin (BTC)

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I often see people enlist their crypto addresses for donations.

Sharing cryptocurrency addresses is not a bad idea, as people may send coins to support your journey in the real world.

  • What cryptocurrency wallet addresses do you list?

I see people list Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCH), and other cryptocurrency wallet addresses to receive donations or support.

Which Cryptocurrency do you prefer to get as support?

  • I see different people put different cryptocurrencies at the top of their list.

Although I haven't published my cryptocurrency wallet addresses to seek donations, I may like to comment on which cryptocurrency I won't like donations or which one I prefer most.

  • I may put BitcoinCash at the top of my preferred crypto coin as support.

I may place Bitcoin at the bottom of my list.

Two traits of Bitcoin are unacceptable to me.

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The price of Bitcoin is the highest.

Nobody can deny it because it is true, like the sunlight.

But, two essential traits of Bitcoin are unacceptable.

  1. One is the very long time taken for a single Bitcoin transaction.

  2. And the high fees per Bitcoin transaction.

These two truths for Bitcoin make it practically useless for payment applications.

  • Making a payment of a few dollars is not economical due to high fees.

  • In merchant applications, buyers/sellers can't wait a few days for a Bitcoin transaction to get confirmed.

The scaling problem of Bitcoin is the dark side of Bitcoin.

Someone like me never dreams of being rich with Bitcoin price reaching the moon.

I haven't created any BTC wallet addresses yet.

I may think about what I would do with a BTC wallet address.

At present, I probably don't need one.


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Aug 04, 2023

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You know a currency is really bad, if people are reluctant to accept it even as gift.

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4 months ago

Yes, it is like a poisonous gift. :)

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4 months ago

thank you for the information dear.

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4 months ago

I appreciate your comment :)

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4 months ago