Testing Phase of ReadCash Begins

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There exist innumerable content publishing platforms.

Blogging or content publishing platforms are plenty, but engaging readers are limited.

  • I remember the publishing platform "Pulse" that LinkedIn purchased from two non-resident young Indians in 2013.

  • LinkedIn Pulse was far better than their present Microsoft-owned LinkedIn Writer. The Pulse feature channels were superior to what they now changed after the Microsoft acquisition in 2016.

LinkedIn Pulse didn't have any monetization option. Still, it had tremendous user engagement. Buying reader engagement is a marketing job. LinkedIn Pulse could do it without pouring any monetary airdrop upvotes.

Airdrop rewards don't include the readers or the consumers.

  • There are many ways a content publishing platform can attract creators. It can utilize proven digital marketing strategies.

On ReadCash, the marketing was delegated to a bot named Random Rewarder with BCH random airdrop power.

  • The onboarded creators can create and read/consume other creators' content.

  • But the airdrop rewards don't include anything for the readers/consumers. The readers/consumers may also be considered for some token rewards.

And what would happen when the airdrop rewards stop?

Rewarding the readers/consumers may sound odd.

  • Rewarding the readers/consumers may sound odd.

  • Some modern platform like Odysee has already been doing it.

Odysee rewards the consumers with a token reward for logging in and viewing content. However, the amount of rewards for the consumers decreases as time passes. But it doesn't stop!

  • If the airdrop stops, most bloggers who were just airdrop collectors will also vanish. This happens to ReadCash.

  • Bloggers vanish when the Random Rewarder bot has ceased to pour BCH airdrop upvotes. I don't expect them to come back unless there is a new system of random airdrops!

In this materialistic world, everybody wants their share of the contribution. And they have the right to ask for something in return for their valuable time!

The testing phase has just begun for ReadCash as a blogging site.

  • I have been into blogging without getting rewarded monetarily.

  • I do understand the pros and cons of a content publishing platform.

  • Starting as a platform for promoting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, ReadCash has a long way to go.

The testing phase of ReadCash as a true blogging site begins now.

=> Let us try and see if some of us can help it surface as a true blogging site.

My experience on LinkedIn Pulse

Example of a 6-year-old LinkedIn article that received organic engagement without any airdrop propelling bot, or any other attracting instrument.

Screenshot Source

The particular article was also clicked a "Like" by LinkedIn Chairman and then CEO Jeff Weiner and was commented on by LinkedIn official influencer Jeff Haden.


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Dec 26, 2022

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Thank you for sharing your insights on the challenges and opportunities for content publishing platforms. I appreciate your analysis of platforms like LinkedIn Pulse and ReadCash, and your exploration of the role of rewards and incentives in engaging both creators and readers.

I think you make a valid point that airdrop incentives may attract creators, but they may not necessarily lead to sustained engagement and interaction on the platform. I agree that platforms need to consider rewarding readers and consumers as well, and that it's important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of everyone involved in creating and consuming content.

It will be interesting to see how ReadCash evolves during its testing phase as a true blogging site. I hope it can find a way to engage both creators and readers in a sustainable way that fosters a supportive and interactive community. Thank you for sharing your perspective and sparking a thoughtful conversation on this topic

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7 months ago

You are Indian Bengali right? Hello, I'm from Bangladesh and our language is same though countries are different and neighbours. Nice to meet you virtually.

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9 months ago

I am glad to meet you too :)

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9 months ago

Thats test was so great and need a lot of observing and maybe there is a better outcome of the test phase

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9 months ago

We don't know about the result :)

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9 months ago