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Odysee is a blockchain-based content publishing platform.

Content publishing platforms are plenty. Many platforms support creators in cryptocurrencies. Our parent platform, ReadCash, supports bloggers in Bitcoin Cash or BCH.

  • Odysee-dot-Com is a blockchain-based content publishing platform.

  • Odysee's system runs on its LBRY blockchain protocol.

  • Odysee's native cryptocurrency is LBRY Credit or LBC.

  • Odysee also allows users to support or get support in fiat currency dollars.

Creators can publish text blogs, images, audio, and videos on Odysee.

Monetization and rewards on Odysee are transparent.

After you create your account on Odysee, you get a token LBC for each action.

<> Verification of an Odysee account starts earning rewards in LBC.

<> Verification via phone, cards, or Discord chat.

<> There are different varieties of rewards (see the screenshot below).

Screenshot Odysee

"Earnings per view" is a transparent monetization at Odysee.

The "Earnings per view" is Odysee's core monetization scheme for the creators.

<> Every verified user can create content and earn for their content views.

<> Eligibility for "Earnings per view" is straightforward.

Content that doesn't qualify for earnings per view violates the content publishing rules described below.

Screenshots Odysee

Create an Odysee account and verify it.

  • One can create an Odysee account using an email.

  • Verification can be done via phone, cards, or Discord chat.

  • Phone verification is not available in all locations.

I have verified my Odysee account using Discord chat because phone verification is not available for our country.

My current "Earnings per view" at Odysee is 1 cent.

  • I am a new user and don't have enough followers, so my "Earnings per view" is the minimum amount the platform gives to a new creator.

Experienced Odysee creators might have a more significant "Earnings per view."

  • Because we see them earning a few hundred thousand LBC earned on their video content on Odysee.

Everybody can see what the creators earn on content if the user doesn't withdraw the earned amount stacked on content.

<> It shows that Odysee is more or less a transparent content publishing platform.


Many of us might have viewed the "Ice Bucket Challenge" video of @Jeaneth

  • If Jeaneth had posted the video on Odysee and embedded the link in her article, she could have earned every verified view of her video content on Odysee.

  • The minimum earn-per-view rate at Osyeee is 1 cent equivalent credit of LBC.

So, if her video was viewed by 100 verified Odysee users, it could have earned 1 dollar equivalent of LBC.

Give some views on my recent video on Odysee. If you are a verified Odysee user, your views will pour a few cents into my video!

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Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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June 02, 2023

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Hi Unity thanks for this! I guess you are growing and earning good now in Odysee. Anyways how do you embed the link to Odysee videos? I must have checked my account too. Was busy with other soc med.

I haven't view the ice bucket challenge. Heading.

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4 months ago

I have only a few followers on Odysee and YouTube because I started only a year ago. I get only one or two views! If you have decent followers in an active YouTube channel, you can sync it with Odysee. Then, you may get more views on Odysee and get more earnings per view.

You can embed Odysee here on ReadCash using the LBRY URL.

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4 months ago

Thanks Unity, I will upload to YouTube again and check Odysee.

Ive tried uploading regular video here but no luck, it's asking for specific format .

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3 months ago

Where did you try to post regular videos, and it asked for a specific format?

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3 months ago

Here in regular blog 🤢, I can't even if it's short already. I'll check it again.

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3 months ago

You can't embed YouTube shorts here.

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3 months ago

How about a regular 3 seconds or 5 sec video?

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3 months ago

First, the videos (3 secs or 3000 secs) must be uploaded to a video-sharing platform, such as YT, Vimeo, Odysee, etc. Then, it can be embedded here. You can directly upload GIFs, not videos.

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3 months ago