I Am ... What?

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Do you know who you are?

We have faced this question plenty of times in our lives. In a job interview, you are often asked the first question to say about yourself. It is such a simple question even though it is one of the toughest questions to answer precisely.

When you are asked the question "Who you are and what you do" what answer do you give? In an interview, if you are invited as a guest in a podcast, you will have to say something about yourself in a sentence or two.

  • I admit that I was never poignant to tell about myself. I don't want to remember how I faced my job interviews. In the early days of college, we had to practice telling about ourselves. There is a popular name for this self-representation.

Briefly telling about yourself is popularly called "Elevator Pitch."

  • When you meet a person in the elevator, you generally don't have enough time to tell them about yourself and get acquainted with an unknown person.

  • So, this is called the "Elevator Pitch" which means telling about yourself, your business, career, etc. in a nutshell. As if you are briefly expressing yourself while sharing the elevator with an unknown person.

I think we need a deep dive into our personality to find out who we are and what we do. It is an elaborate self-introspection and therefore, we need more than one elevator pitch.

I may consider it an exercise to find a multi-layered elevator pitch.

Tell about yourself

You are given an open time to tell in short "Who you are and what you do."

  • How can you represent yourself best?

  • On LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other spaces of social and professional media networks, we see many examples of it.

In the ReadCash bio section also we can see self-expressions.

Examples are endless.

Mother, Wife, Story Teller, Crypto Lover

Dad, Husband, Career Coach, Crypto Enthusiast

Writer, Fashion Photographer, Cat Mom, She/He

We can discard the many "No bio yet" bios on ReadCash and NoiseCash.

  • Some people prefer only hashtags, some objects, or even an activity.

  • I also saw only "This is That" sort of tagline as a self-expressed bio.

Have you noticed my very brief "bio" here? - "Unite and empower humanity"

  • So, you may also express an imperative statement about life and the world.

I request you to carry out a self-test.

I Am ... What?

Let me write it down.

  • It is not difficult to find out "Who I am" from "What I do."

  • I have to search for my experiential knowledge base and current activities.

(1) I am a researcher

I am a researcher on Information & cybersecurity, digital identity, data privacy, blockchain, and other distributed ledgers, cryptography, and cryptocurrencies.

(2) I am an academician

I taught (and teach) electronics and photonics engineering.

(3) I am an entrepreneur

I advise a digital identity company selling graphical password solutions.

(4) I am a GNU/Linux trainer

I teach and promote GNU/Linux, free and open-source software.

(5) I am a freelance content creator and social media ghostwriter

I ghostwrite technology content for online clients.

(6) I am a music lover and professionally trained tabla player

I performed tabla on Indian national TV (Doordarshan Kolkata).

(7) I am a podcaster and host my live video podcast

I have appeared on international podcasts and started my video podcast show.

(8) I am not a blind lover of cryptocurrencies

I have started to explore the cryptocurrency domain with more emphasis on its technology, and less interest in investment.

(9) I am a lifelong learner

I never stop learning new knowledge in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

I encourage you to write about "Who you are and what you do"

  • I am sure most of you do a lot of things in your lives.

  • You have knowledge about many subjects and acquired a decent number of skills.

  • Will you take an interest to write them out?

  • When you exercise writing your skills and knowledge base, you will get clarity about your abilities and expertise.

  • Some of the "No bio yet" users will get inspired to write a custom bio.

I sincerely request you to write "Who you are and what you do."

Just get rid of all hesitations, and write down about yourself.


I carried out the above exercise before writing different parts of my LinkedIn profile. I am sure, when you complete writing "I am ..." list, you will get a clear self expressions about "Wo you are and what you do."

About me

  • I am a regular practitioner of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). I have also added "Arts" and "Fine Art" to my interests and made my interests STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • I create solutions for password and cybersecurity relevant to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other block-less distributed ledgers.

  • I thank all my sponsors, whose names appear in the "Sponsor" pannel.

I hope all members of the blogging community will strive here and elsewhere.

Explore my "Learning Times" and other channels on Odysee-dot-Com and earn crypto coin LBRY Credit or LBC for consuming and creating content.


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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Unite and Empower Humanity.

April 05, 2022.

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Topics: Resume, Bio, Job, Podcast, Interview, ...


Very interesting. It made me stop and ask myself, "Who am I really?"...I will need an hour or more to evaluate and examine myself, perhaps more than an hour. Time for reflection.

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1 year ago

Exploring "Who I Am" and reviewing our personal brand is fun. Do it and have fun rediscovering yourself.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Thank you very much. Will do :)

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I think that to know ourselves really well it's one of the most difficult things, sometimes it's difficult and other times we aren't honest and lie to us somehow. A good question, a very complicated answer.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Yes. How can I express my case to the world if I don't understand myself? It requires a good deal of self-assessment and self-awareness.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Now I know who you are just by reading this article. Even if at a young age you really achieve more in your level. You inspire the young generation nowadays to work hard and develop their talents personally.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

There is no need to work hard. Enjoy life with work without compromising ethics, integrity, and your interests. I had resigned permanent government job because it compromised ethics. I used to attend musical competitions even one day before college examinations.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

This is nice, it's like telling what you do, your passion and who you are...hmm just thinking I don't have much to tell about myself I didn't achieve anything in life hahaha

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1 year ago

Everybody plays many roles. You are a mother, daughter, blogger & fiction writer, crypto experimenter, entrepreneur, ... and so on.

$ 0.00
1 year ago