How to Apply for a Job on Twitter

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Do you know how to apply for a job on social media?

Today, I have learned a unique skill from a highly followed content creator. And he is "Mr. Beast." Yes, the very famous "Mr. Beast," our friend @Pantera, recently featured in his article.

"Mr. Beast" showed how to send a Tweet and explore a suitable job on Twitter.

The Tweet is displayed below from a simple screenshot of my reTweet.

Screenshot Source

Would you apply for a job with a public Tweet?

  • I don't know what you would do, but I will learn and apply the skill very soon.

I don't rule out for myself applying for such job positions!

  • Yes, I may apply for a possible job position in public.


This is the concise article in my shortest series on Personal Branding.

It won't take more than a minute or so to read!

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Dec 23, 2022

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9 months ago


Haha, that seems to easy even for a big public figure. But maybe a well personal branded ID and a person with skills and background can land such a job, anything is possible I guess.

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9 months ago

Anything is possible for anybody on social media posts. It seems Mr. Beast might already have a conversation with Elon Musk!

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9 months ago

Okay i will try to apply Job on Twitter.

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9 months ago

I appreciate your time and comment :)

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9 months ago