How Bitcoin Cash Transforms Crypto Hypes into FinTech Hopes

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The cryptocurrency market sells hypes with hopes.

News hypes primarily drive a financial market. Investors are attracted to future gains by projecting huge growth prospects. Similarly, the buyers of cryptocurrencies are assured unrealistic profits, such as "X coin will hit $100k by 202x," etc.

It is equivalent to selling the "input hypes" with the "output hopes." When the "output hopes" get shattered, the investors start disbelieving the technologies behind the assets.

The cryptocurrency marketplace is like a big supermarket for selling "input hypes" with "output hopes." The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin has won investors and intensified the "input hypes." The "output hopes" haven't met the projected growth.

What are the cryptocurrency hypes?

Some examples of cryptocurrency hypes are:
=> Cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currencies!
=> Coin A will hit $100k by the end of 2022!
=> Mr. X will put coin Y in heaven!

What are the fintech hopes?

Some examples of cryptocurrency hopes are:
=> Cryptocurrencies will be used for online payments.
=> Cryptocurrencies will be adopted by global merchants.
=> Cryptocurrencies will be adopted for crowdfunding startup projects.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has the potential to transform hypes into hopes

Claiming that a particular cryptocurrency will or may achieve some heights is easy. But, to achieve it, in reality, is a daunting task.

How will it be possible to transform cryptocurrency hypes into fintech hopes?

I try to express these perspectives of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) realistically.

  • Firstly, all the stakeholders of BCH must reject all sorts of cryptocurrency hype.
    BCH is a competitor of other cryptocurrencies, but not fiat currencies. Fiat is altogether in a different domain and may remain there. Putting efforts to kill fiat currencies will waste a lot of resources.

  • Secondly, BCH may not need to project big price cap hype. Let Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies play the price cap game. The market value of BCH will automatically rise as its adoption increases by all its global stakeholders.

  • Thirdly, bringing celebrity tech corporate owners into a cryptocurrency project may make its future volatile and vulnerable. The celebrity investors may suddenly withdraw all their holdings, creating a financial crisis or void. The core BCH project may not need volatile (uncertain) celebrity endorsements.

[We may briefly exemplify the famous (or infamous) corporate owner Musk, who played uncertain business games with some cryptocurrencies.]

BCH has already accomplished realizing some FinTech hopes

"Cryptocurrencies will be used for online payments."

  • BCH has been adopted for peer-to-peer online payments.

"Cryptocurrencies will be adopted by global merchants."

  • A large number of global merchants have accepted BCH.

"Cryptocurrencies will be adopted for crowdfunding startup projects."

  • BCH has been used for crowdfunding, exciting tech, and social projects.

Bringing it altogether

Bitcoin Cash indeed demonstrated immense possibilities in terms of technology, innovation, performance, as well as adoption by global citizens.

Bitcoin Cash is poised to transform the cryptocurrency hypes into fintech hopes.

All the stakeholders of Bitcoin Cash, including the founders, developers, investors, and users, must streamline their efforts toward rejecting all sorts of cryptocurrency hypes.

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July 23, 2022

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Topics: BCH, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Hype, Hope, ...


Bitcoincash is reall crypto we need. It not only had revolutionized the world but also made crypto more popular. It was good article about Bitcoincash, I love your thinking brother.

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10 months ago

I appreciate it if you liked the texts.

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10 months ago

But BCH community still need to convince the big guns in the Crypto sphere on why it is better than its rivals

Without the big guns it can be hard for a crypto currency to a gain more followers. I appreciate the work of people like Marc de mesel, without readcash a lot of people won't know BCH.

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10 months ago

Celebrity endorsers such as Musk may bring more uncertainties to the crypto domain.

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10 months ago

Whatever it is we are currently stable at level 100$ brother. What happened t Musk bags of crypto? What do you think he will do in the next 2 years?

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10 months ago

Let's not forget that he is one of the tech business owners who multiplied his wealth during the two-plus years of suffering of the common mass due to lockdowns. He may bring more uncertainties to the cryptocurrency domain.

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10 months ago