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3 months ago
  • Write something, paint something, sing something.

  • Create something positive without being bogged down.

I try writing without being bogged down for not producing exciting pieces.

<> It helps to continue with my writing.

  • I shared a vlog on a song sung by Kishore Kumar, which was music composed by Lata Mangeshkar.

Video Source

The video creators get the practice of seeing and saying spontaneously, which they later transform into texts, images, or paintings.

<> When I started to create videos, I helped myself to be authentic.

A couple of hours ago, I felt mentally down.

  • I felt sleepy, although I was not at all tired.

  • I just lay down on the bed with a variety of negative pasts.

<> Then, the question started to come to my mind.

Why should I bother thinking about the past?

  • Why don't I start thinking positively?

  • Why don't I write down something close to my heart?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

I did something positive a few days ago.

What should I do if I don't have a new video podcast?

  • I decided to share a replay of a past podcast.

This coming Tuesday, June 06, 2023, I will go live with a replay of a past podcast.

The title is "How to Write a Resume and LinkedIn Profile."

Podcast Source


  • Don't hesitate to write a blog or create a vlog.

  • Make a habit of creating something straight from your heart.

  • Be authentic, and find yourself every day.

Always nurture your creativity.


Unity (Debesh Choudhury)

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June 04, 2023

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3 months ago


I haven't read your blog yet and I just published an article about "not living in our pasts!" 🤭 Isn't it coincidental?

Even if we thinking we're not releasing exciting pieces, continue creating, painting, singing, dancing etc and later you will just notice that you're getting so good about it. Be authentic and share your passions.

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3 months ago

I appreciate your valuable time and feedback.

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3 months ago

Welcome. I wonder if this system is also created to check on our engagements. Some social medias do.

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3 months ago

My journaling is to write every day, in my blogs, or in my diary on my cell phone. I feel that every time I do it I get better at it, besides that it is an activity that I find relaxing.

As for creating videos, since I don't do it often, it's a bit difficult for me. I think I get a little nervous on camera. However, I will continue trying until I achieve it naturally.

I'll watch your video on linkedin, it was something I was thinking about these days, improve my profile there.

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3 months ago

Yes it is. Good for you. As we write, unlike before, we can get better in time and just express what's on our mind with proper timing and words mixture.

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3 months ago

I appreciate your valuable time and thoughts. Be active on LinkedIn and create a vibrant personal brand image with your LinkedIn profile and posts.

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3 months ago

Thank you very much for the advice. So far, I have only completed my profile. But, since it is a job site, I have refrained from posting.

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3 months ago