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When I read a story, I try to find out the author's unique signature.

Often, the authors get lost in the crowd because their written pieces don't show a unique writing style. Please don't let your writing style becomes a copy of the viral bloggers.

Discovering your writing style is essential.

Unless you find your own ways of expressing the contents, your published pieces remain quasi-copies of many other posts.

  • People will like to read your content when they get something unique and different in your writing.

  • We often get busy adapting to the style of famous writers.

When we are busy mimicking the styles of viral posts, our writing voice gets suppressed.

How to develop your writing style?

  • There is no standard way of writing uniquely. If we like writing, then we must write from our hearts. Looking at a particular publication can hinder the development of a unique style.

Rabindranath Tagore or David Copperfield didn't look at a particular publishing house while creating literary pieces. Rabindranath Tagore founded their publication house, Viswabharati, and published all his literary creations.

  • If I have to write quality content, I must devote the required effort and time.

I wrote many blogs on LinkedIn. In some posts, I dedicated time and thought. Those posts are relatively better. I can't say that I have already developed a unique style. That doesn't come by trying. That can come only when we create under the urge of our inner mind.

Every blogger must devote time to think and write some spontaneous pieces

Time-bound writing doesn't produce quality content. Every blogger (I think we are all bloggers, not writers) must devote some time to thinking about writing.

  • Once we can create some text guided by our mental swings, maybe we can create a few paragraphs or an essay worth reading.

We must distinguish between crowd-pulling blogging and creative writing.

  • Here in cyberspace, most of us are on one mission. That is a quantitative approach to creating content.

In my humble opinion, there should also be some time to create content that could be considered literature.

Spontaneous content may help to find your own writing voice and unique style.

  • If you devote some time to creative writing at least once a day, there may be hope that you will find your writing voice.

Sufficient time for creating spontaneous content is a must. Then your writing voice will form a unique style. The readers may identify it as your unique content.

  • There is no guarantee that every blogger will find a unique style.

But, indeed, the quality of content would improve by considering more spontaneous writing discourses. The more the bloggers get into this type of intuitive writing session, the more they get closer to finding a unique writing style.

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May 31, 2023

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I agree being a copy cat writer/blogger does us and the reader no good. Being unique to me is being yourself when writing. I also think it is great to read from individuals who show their personalities or share tidbits of thier feelings.

Off topic a bit some of us have different styles depending where we write. For instance I write much longer and provide many more pictorial images when I write in Hive. My personality is still in my writing but I'd say I'm a little tamed there. Here I feel I have a bit more freedom and will write and do things that I won't attempt in Hive.

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3 months ago

I like the pics you embed inside your blogs. The pics add something more to the texts. If you add short videos, that will be more interesting.

I try writing without being bogged down for not producing exciting pieces. It helps to continue with writing. The video creators get the practice of seeing and saying spontaneously, which they later transform into texts. When I started to create videos, I helped myself to be authentic.

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3 months ago