Cryptos Empower Online Purchase Without a Bank Account or a Card

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Cryptocurrencies can empower the unbanked who don't have a debit or credit card.

  • One of my classmates in high school asked me if I could buy him internet hosting and a domain name, as he doesn't have a debit or credit card. Though he has got a bank account, he is not sure if top hosting service providers support Indian banks or not!

I told my friend that one can buy goods and services online without a bank account and a debit or credit card. My friend didn't believe it.

  • I decided to try cryptocurrency payment to purchase hosting services and domain names, as plenty of such companies accept cryptocurrency as payments.

I do have a bank account and cards as well. But, I tried to check whether it is indeed possible to use cryptocurrencies as a currency to buy things without recourse to a bank account and a debit or credit card.

One requires a computer or a smartphone and an Internet connection.

  • To have online purchasing power, the only resources required are a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection.

  • Smartphones and Internet access are available in the villages as well. The urban dwellers already have these facilities.

  • One can use the power of cryptocurrency with a computer or a smartphone with Internet access.

Many merchants accept cryptocurrencies as payment currencies.

Recently, I purchased a domain name and hosting service using BitcoinCash or BCH.

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BCH payments worked like a breeze.

  • I am very much satisfied with using BCH as a payment currency.

BCH is faster and much more economical than BTC for day-to-day payments and purchases.


  • Cryptocurrencies empower people to buy goods and services online (or offline).

  • One requires a computer or a smartphone and an Internet connection.

It tells the power of the Internet and cryptocurrency.

Adapted from an article published on my LinkedIn blog.


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Aug 17, 2023

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Using cryptocurrencies like BitcoinCash (BCH) to make online purchases is indeed a viable and empowering option, especially for individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services or credit cards. The ease of use and cost-effectiveness of cryptocurrencies can make them a valuable tool for financial transactions. Your experience highlights the potential of cryptocurrencies to provide financial inclusion and accessibility to a broader range of people.

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Thank you for the comment.

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