I purchased hosting and a domain name using BCH

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3 months ago

Recently, I used BCH for an online purchase.

  • Using a cryptocurrency to pay a merchant is not new.

  • There are so many cryptocurrencies we can choose from.

I chose BitcoinCash or BCH to accomplish my first online purchase!

  • BCH payments work like a breeze.

I am satisfied with using BCH as a payment currency.

I purchased hosting and a domain name using BCH.

Many merchants accept cryptocurrency as payment.

  • In the hosting and domain name business arena, a few merchants accept BCH.

I chose Hostinger, which offers attractive service features and prices.

  • In the payment GUI section, they have options for payment methods.

  • I clicked "cryptocurrency" in the payment GUI.

  • Then, I selected BCH from the list of cryptocurrencies.

Payment using cryptocurrencies is so simple today.

It took about twenty minutes to complete the purchase.

The cost for two years of premium hosting from Hostinger was 0.2494 BCH.

  • Hostinger GUI displayed the payment link and a QR code.

  • I copied the payment link and pasted it to the "send" address box in my ElectronCash BCH wallet on my GNU/Linux desktop. (I try to avoid smartphones for making payments)

  • The site displayed the details about the payment correctly. So, I clicked "send" and entered the password.

The fee was 0.00000219 BCH for using a block size of 219 bytes.

  • The purchase of the hosting and a domain name was completed after two confirmations of the transaction by the BCH network.

  • I received a confirmation email that my purchase was completed.

I logged in to my Hostinger account and found the new hosting and domain name.

What would have happened if I had chosen BTC instead of BCH?

  • What if I had chosen BTC instead of BCH?

  • The BTC transaction time and the fees would have been VERY large!


BCH is faster and much more economical for day-to-day payments and purchases.

Want to purchase hosting services?

I trusted my website hosting at Hostinger, and it was an excellent choice.

Consider trying Hostinger yourself with an additional 20% off! Best suited for #wordpress hosting.

If you plan to buy hosting services and domain names, I recommend Hostinger.


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Aug 13, 2023

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3 months ago


This is really interesting friend, longest time.

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3 months ago

The time is taken most probably by the third-party merchant site to process the purchase.

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3 months ago

It is excellent news that you can pay online hosting with BCH. Did you purchase the monthly or yearly plan?

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3 months ago

I purchased it for 24 months.

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3 months ago