Be Grittier Every Day

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Life demands a lot of courage.

Living is simple. It requires us to eat, sleep (take rest), and work.

  • Living happily requires thinking less about success and failures.

  • Being successful requires thinking positively.

  • Thinking positively gives us the strength to put in meaningful work.

Strength is the signature of living and growing. Weakness is equivalent to the death of the living mind.

What matters most in living a self-sustainable life?

There are so many examples of successful people. But those are banal stories. Most of them don't give an easy road toward success. These famous success stories rolled around the same circular path of inspiration.

What traits are common to all these successful people?

  • They never gape up.

  • They all persevered.

  • They all tried not to stop at any stage.

  • They all had the strength to take the difficult and undiscovered paths.

They all had grit.

Have grit in your life.

  • It is not social intelligence, good looks, or IQ that matters most to succeed.

It is the grit that makes one persevere and never give up.

  • I always wish to have grit more than any other trait.

Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you can be grittier every day.


  • You may ask me the most awkward question.

Why, then, do I not appear successful by earthly standards?

  • It is the grit that I miss most of the time in my life.

Please remember, whatever small success I (and you get in life) is due to the grittier efforts I (and you) put in.


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May 11, 2023

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Grittier that's the word the day! I'll check it further later haha. Thanks Unity.

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I appreciate your quick support :)

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