Getting To Know Me Part 2: Never Have I Ever Edition

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2 years ago

The rain was started from morning until now. I was just busy scrolling my Facebook, watching Vlogs from YouTube until I get bored so I decided to visit my Noise Cash and the Admin of the Page rejected my post. So, I go to my Read. Cash account and I was so happy I've received $0.05. Then, I've read different articles until I read the article of @MoonTrader entitled and @PrettyDiane entitled also It was a Never Have I ever Challenge.

Since, I don't have any Idea what to write I challenge myself to do it and I ask a permission also to pick some question from them and I watched a Vlog of Regal Entertainment and Sue Ramirez did the challenge also.

So Let's get Started....

Never Have I Ever lied about my name.

  • I have, especially when stranger asked it.

Never Have I Ever chatting with some while being on the toilet.

  • I usually bring my phone on the toilet so I have.

Never have I ever given wrong number to a stranger.

  • I have, I gave the phone number of my boyfriend to an army. Yes an army asked for it. Imagine he seems like he's planning to make me as an Mistress. Well don't me. Lol.

Never Have I Ever thrown up on someone while drunk.

  • Yuck! When I'm drunk I will just sleep.

Never Have I Ever been drunk on less than three drinks.

  • To be honest, I don't get drunk easily

Never Have I Ever had a surprise party thrown for me.

  • I have but they failed because I caught them. It was my 18th birthday. So better luck nextime fam!

Never Have I Ever ridden in an ambulance.

  • I have, it was 13 years ago because I need to transfer in a bigger hospital because my platelet before is very low because of dengue. I thought I will not survive but by God's grace I did it.

Never Have I Ever cheated on my boyfriend.

  • Cheaters never win and I am loyal. So Never

Never Have I ever meet up with someone from dating app.

  • Never and I don't have a plan to do it

Never Have I ever had a one-night stand.

  • Never ever

Never Have I ever Kissed someone of the opposite sex.

  • Duh! Of course I have it's parents, best friend and boyfriend. Lol

Never Have I Ever sent a nude.

  • Gosh! Never trust someone especially in this matter and unsafe. So, Never.

Never Have I ever done something I regret.

  • I have, do everything and don't regret a bit of it but there is also a lot of things to regret and we must learn a lesson from it.

Never I Have Ever said an "I LOVE YOU" without feeling it.

  • Never, those 3 words means a lot because you say it you mean it.


Closing Thought

Always remember that you are blessed. Nothing comes easy in life so we need to strive and soar high.

Lead image edited by myself from PicsArt.

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2 years ago


Natawa ako sa mga questions Sis, halos never naman ako dito haha

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2 years ago

Sana all sis hahah

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2 years ago