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Moringa And Love: My Beautiful Nature Stories

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3 months ago

"Love nature, love the totality of life..." marcel

This opening quote explains nature as the very essence of life. Nature in all its ramifications is completely intriguing. The beauty of child birth, the annoyance of mosquito bites, the terrifying picture of a volcanic eruption, sharks in the see as top predator to other fishes, the gigantic trees as we drive bye on the way home, the fiery outburst of humans, the soothing sound of the rain as it patters on the roof. All these encapsulate the essence and beauty of nature in its full glory.


So what do we understand as nature? According to the Oxford dictionary, nature is the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other products of the earth as opposed to what mankind created. So basically what is not created by man could as well be classified as nature.

Along the same line, nature is the inherent features, characters or qualities of someone or something. Saying one is of a peaceful and quite disposition is stating his or her nature as a person.

Nature, whichever of the definition we choose, as earlier stated, has always intrigued humans. For it is said anyone who is in tune with nature is well in tune with the very practice of living. Ignoring the beauty of nature in any form at all is simply denying existence.

As an individual I have recognised and experienced nature and benefitted immensely from the gifts of it has to offer. I have also played my part in shaping humanity for good with my inherent nature as a human.

Nature has been kind to me beyond that which I can explain. Undeniably, I am just like everyone surrounded by nature. Plants, animals, air, fire, all attributes of nature as we experience them.

I have always seen alternative medicine as better alternative to orthodox medicine(my belief). This is a gift for healing from nature, if only we know what to look for and how to apply them. I use nature a lot for cosmetics purpose,for construction and to generate power in so many ways. Nature is indeed beautiful.

For the context of this article I will be talking about the healing powers of nature as experienced personally.


Early last year I was down with a strange ailment. Each time I go to the toilet I was always stooling heavy blood. I thought it was something I could easily manage as I kept taking drugs after drugs. The blood was quite heavy and I was loosing plenty of it. I got so weak from so much loss of blood at a point I was afraid of my life. I went for a test and it was diagnosed as COLON Cancer. I was terrified as that was not the result I was expecting. It got worse even with some new drugs prescribed.

Around June I had remembered I had read somewhere about the healing powers of the Moringa plant. I did more research on Moringa and decided to give it a try after all there was nothing to loose.

Luckily for me we had so many compound close to us that had the Moringa tree. Quickly I got some fresh leaves. Washed them and blended them into juice. I immediately took one glass of the Moringa juice and took another glass later in the night.

Miraculously the severe bleeding stopped the next day, till date I have never experienced such ailment again. Nature through Moringa completely took care of my "colon cancer". The miracle of nature you can call it and you are most welcome. You can get a glass of Moringa juice, take it daily and see the wonders it will do to your system.


As a beautiful human, I can comfortably say I am blessed with a nice nature, totally carefree and not perturbed with What life throws my path. I have a very good heart, yes I do. I would never see someone in pains and not look for ways to be of help if I can.

That being said, I can remember vividly a remarkable experience I had in my second year in the university. I was quite young, about 19yrs. I was coming back from school one faithful day and was quite close to my house.

I saw a group of people gathered in a circle with an elderly man lying in the centre. Nobody was trying to help, they all had their phones out, making a video of the dieing man. The man should be about 75/80 yrs and looked exhausted and loosing consciousness. Nobody was making any attempt to help him. Bad nature right?

I was worried, didn't know what to do as my conscious and nature would not allow me leave him without trying to help. Like I said, I was quite young and confused as to What to do. I went in to meet him and tried carrying him up. Luckily for me a more Matured man joined me in helping him up. We asked him what is wrong but he was not coherent.

After much pressure he gave us an address in town. We got a cab and decided to take him to the address. My experience was not funny at all. We drove all around the town and couldn't locate the addresses he gave us. They don't exist!

After about 4 hrs driving round town someone we met in one of the addresses advice us to take him to an adult care home. We took him there and left him. I was not happy leaving him but there was nothing I could do.

The next day after my exams I hurried to the the adult care home but was told his children got to know about his predicament and came and picked him up. I was quite happy I was able to save him the previous day. Beautiful art of nature you might say.

I am a big believer of making nature beautiful,whether it be plants, animal, our weather etc or our own inherent character. It is part of our life and part of our day to day living.

Hope you enjoyed my entry for the prompt #8 : NATURE initiated by @JonicaBradley

You can be part of the challenge too. Thanks for reading.

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Written by   8
3 months ago
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It's great to know that your "colon cancer " had been cured if that was it is. It's true that nature has much more to offer if we only know how to use it properly.

I'm glad the elderly guy had the help he needed before it was too late.

We should do our part in helping nature and the people around us.

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3 months ago

Indeed nature heals. Whenever I feel stressed in life I find myself exploring the beauty of nature that it gives.

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3 months ago

Yes it does bro. Nothing beats nature

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3 months ago