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Worlds Apart

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1 year ago


This poem is not written to console you but to slap you back to reason

Let us pray first

The road to success is not straight

There is a curb called Failure

A loop called Confusion

Speed bumps called Friends

Red lights called Enemies

Caution lights called Family

You will have flat tyre called Jobs

But if you have a spare tyre called Determination ; An engine called Perseverance; insurance called faith and a driver called Jesus

You will make it to a place called Success in Jesus mighty name, Amen.


Three worlds with

One soul

I live in the unknown world before now

A world that even the fathers before my fathers could not define

A world of space and time

The limitless world of possibilities

I lived in that world for nine months

In the jurisdiction of the placenta

Under the rule of the


I was banished from that world

I left that world with pains in my heart

And chains on my


I still romance myself with the memories of the wonders of that world



I remember

I remember vividly

I had no reason to work

No reason to strive

Neither was there a reason to worry about the future


What a world

Where emotions were far fetched

A world without thoughts

A world with wondrous growth

A world engulfed with tranquillity and prosperity

 Whenever I ponder about that world

I wonder about it agendas


Cursed be the day

Cursed be the day

My sentence was passed in the court of the womb

When mercy ran so far away

That my host rained curses upon the initiator of my being

Being uttered out

By the uterus

And flogged for a crime

I know not of

With the aid of the

Umbilical cord

To cuddle me into a new world

A world which welcomed me

With a tap to hear me cry as a welcome note of speech



I hear yet of another world to be journeyed into when the breath of this one forsakes me

A world centred on the choices and actions I made in the previous world

A world believed to be supreme

A world with a supreme being to

Judge me based on

The level of the purity

My heart had attained

A world unseen yet believed to be

Because it has always been before the being of any being


Believed of being the ultimate source of the existence of other worlds

A world of eternity

A world with a prison for the wicked souls

Govern by a master of ruthlessness

A master who has attained degrees in the

School of cruelty

A master whose

Home is built on and of fire yet unquenchable


Here I stand

Told of freewill

Yet compelled to decide the end point of my existence.

Have you ever stopped for a second to ask yourself where you come from? Like what that world of emptiness was like. How your life was over there. This poem is drafted to arrest those thoughts. Most of all, capture the uncertainties of life and the judgement that comes when dead takes us to another world.


The poem aptly harmonizes the curiosity housed by humanity and how to best live a worthy life on earth. It also points to the fact that regardless of how you live your life on earth; you are either a candid of hell or heaven. Hence, whichever world you choose to embrace is entirely up to you.


What are your thoughts on this?

Do well to share in the comment section. Thank you for reading. Kindly subscribe for more poems, articles, and stories. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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To achieve success we have to face different kind of hurdles. You explained nicely in your poem. Life is not roses bed. We lose beloved one and apart from beloved family these circumstances are not so easy to face. I live in hostel i know how i miss and have circumstances no doubt, success comes after a lot of scartifices.

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1 year ago

Thanks for your contributions. Indeed, success is not a smooth bed. One needs persistence and perseverance to attain it.

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1 year ago

You are welcome you deserve it.

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1 year ago

Nice write up how to you get those poem down because most time is when I'm thinking I do have poem and when it's time to write I just can't remember it

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1 year ago

Thanks for dropping by. When poetry comes to you, you either write it immediately or do a detailed draft for later. You get better at it, as you keep writing.

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1 year ago