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In The Prison Of My Dreams

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1 year ago

Reality is a fragment of an illusion

You plant words on trees

Build legacies on dreams

And wrap time around your waist like a golden belt

Yet you sip failure

You sip a cup of wishes

Hoping that those stitches of success around your skirts or suits might shed light to the hopelessness

Yet failure refuses to fade far away from your home

You reach out to the world

And see the flames of ambition growing wide

You then dream like a god

But work like a servant

Yet you live as a slave to your dreams


You sit like God on the throne

Creating worlds in your own words

Pulling triggers of frustration on humanity just to be heard

You drench yourself in the failures of life

Making wishes from the smoke of a cigarette

Hoping to smoke out gods to hear your wishes

Only to get what life wishes

          —Words on the marble.

There are times when you look back to the stones life has thrown at you and put up a smile. It's being almost three years or there about since I met Maria, a dazzling spark of beauty. She used to be a student of mine. Maria had a near perfect shape. As her tutor, I struggled hard to keep my eyes of her killer steps. Maria's fashion designer wasn't helping matters, as her designs were so befitting and creatively topnotch.


I struggled every other day to teach her. Being a principled teacher, I promised myself never to indulge in any act of promiscuity but the fact that Maria was hitting on me too wasn't helping matters.

She would tell her friends how my gap-toothed dentition turned her on whenever I smiled, of how kissable my pink lips were. Being that girls are the wrong place to zip up a secret, her friends disclose every detail at the slightest provocation.


Tutoring at the time, was just a pass time activity for me, as I was awaiting my admission letter from the University of Benin. Maria walked into my office with a seductive smile, that almost took away my sanity.

I felt a hot rush ran all over my body within seconds and when she lifted her left legs on my table and her mini skirt stretched up, I began to say the lord’s prayer within me and when I was done. I was hoping this would be a dream. Although, I was struck by the reality of it, when she drew my tie and I followed the force like a man under compulsion.


“Maria, get out of my office,” I ordered her out but deep within me, I knew I wanted it. After all, I am human. She took her hands of my tie and when I heaved a big sigh of relief, she ran her left hands on my shoulders and as I shivered, her right hand ran through my trousers aiming for  the small me.

“This girl wants to kill me,” I said to myself.

I knew if I stayed, I would be in for trouble, as my thoughts were beginning to run wild. Before I knew what was about to hit me, her lips locked mine. I knew a minute more, meant I'm done.

So, I stood up and ran outside trying to zip up my trousers. I found it enigmatic to understand how she unzipped me so fast. I stood outside of the office sweating profusely, as though I had a fight with a lion.

One of the Mathematics tutors, who happened to be passing by gave me an impassive smile. I didn't understand what it meant, until I turned back to see Maria who pointed at her lips ,then I knew her strawberry lipstick was on my lips.

“Get up, it’s time to teach. Your students will be waiting, you lazy bone,” Mama said with a broom in her hands.

“Jeez!!!!!! Thank God, it was a dream,” I said.

“ What was a dream?” Mama asked.

“ Mama, don't worry. You won't understand.” I said.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Do well to subscribe for more articles and stories.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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Knowing that it was just a dream is such a relief for me.

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1 year ago

Thanks for dropping by. Stick around for my episodic story, coming up soon. Thank you very much.

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1 year ago

This is so nice really! I felt a pants of sadness when it came to an end.

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1 year ago

Thanks for reading and appreciating. It's nice to have you around.

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1 year ago

Guy, you are killing me with your story. I will boost this article for you to gain a little exposure.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much, sir. I would really appreciate that. Plus, I appreciate your support. It means the world to me. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ☺

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1 year ago