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The Tree That Became An NFT

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The Tree Of ALL, origin story. A NFT Project by Michaelson Williams

The Tree Of ALL, is a NFT project in which only 23 artworks possessing Secret Text will ever be created. Within the "Tree Of ALL" works of art are Secret Words of distinguished meaning, words that, when found by the seeker opens the mental pathways toward great power and success. The total number of created “Tree Of ALL” NFT art pieces that are being produced and minted 23 have considerable meaning, but not too everyone. This special number 23 only has the power to call out too, or resonate with, twenty three people, including the original creator. This does not mean that the initial owners of one of these unique pieces will be the last as the 23 individual art pieces will not rest until in the possession of their Rightful Owner's.

Along with each of the, Special Hidden Text, 23 digital artistry pieces come the subsequent story, but with an additional entry not published anywhere else. The additional storyline is an NFT in itself, and will only be granted to Tree Of ALL secret text artwork owner's. This secret of sorts, when read, has the ability to open the door to a higher level of consciousness, which if used properly can lead to unimaginable growth, Success, and of course Wealth. You may be thinking to yourself... How Is This Possible?... Well let me give you a little hint. Most of what you know or think you know is irrelevant to the true attainment of everything. If you don't understand what was just mentioned don't bother with the Tree Of ALL NFT's. It's not for you, at least not at this point in time.

Possession of thee "Tree Of ALL" artworks and its Full Origin Story is like having the keys to unlock the deepest and most powerful potential in ones self. Seeker's who have already gone far enough on their life journey will comprehend the concepts found within. The others will find most, if not all of the story and this introduction too it, to be clap-trap, or meaningless drivel. This is just how the Tree Of ALL experience works. With that being said if you are one of the 23 of the interim or final owner's there is still the task of finding the words coupling them with the story including the yet unpublished entry, and unlocking the secret. Those unwilling to go the full way will unlock nothing, and those who follow the road to the end will find triumph.

This presentation is a mind set expansion exercise and should be treated as such. This creation has absolutely no guarantees to make you money, extraordinary success, or anything of the sort in anyway whatsoever. These things are already in your possession, and while possibly lost do not require any special magical secret. You can buy, sell, or trade these NFT artworks as any other non fungible token in the marketplace. The creator has no responsibility to anyone for losses, nor gains, financial or otherwise in associations with thee Tree Of ALL, the origin story, or anything else related to this NFT project. No offers for these artworks will be accepted unless the number 23 is included twice in your bid.

Thank you and enjoy your journey of mind.

The Story

In the beginning there was nothing, no picture, no sound, no ground, there was nothing. There was no sky, no why, there were no humans nor animals to drift into dreams, because there were no dreams. The nothing was so vast that even darkness could not escape the nothingness. It's hard to imagine a place that isn't even a place because that place is nothing, but yet it was there, somewhere, out there.

All of a sudden there it was! There was something in the nothingness, and there were eyes to see it, and a mind to realize what it was. It was a Tree... A tree that was full, yet bare, growing, yet scares, rooted, but having no roots, and holding a secret of all that was now there. The Mind couldn't wrap its head around it, but maybe because there wasn't a head for the Mind to be in. There was only the tree to be observed, studied, and revered.

The tree was non fungible, a one of a kind, only there for the purpose of the Mind. See the mind was in the nothingness, it was the nothing in the nothingness, and needed something. The Mind wanted something to observe, something unique, and which had never been, something immutable in nature. The Mind was longly, so it created a friend. The tree was layered its trunk steadfast, and its branches strong and vast. The tree was black and yet in possession of color, stupendous and grand, but also aware of its otherness.

Out of the nothingness this tree was born, never being a sapling or seed, never having a need. In a flash spewed out great vivid colors as the Minds creation came forth from the darkness. While the tree was still and stoic the land around it was alive with dancing full of motion. Everything was in a state of flow, all but the tree which was stood still amidst this hypnotic ocean. The Mind was in creation, its mental paintbrush swishing back and forth sometimes with lite touches and at others with ampul force.

Everything was alive in this unveiling scene, colorful movements of reds, yellows, blues, and greens. Life, a new concept bellowing and toasting, twisting and dancing mixing in potion. Beneath the tree layers was hidden a secret, a word unseen, but there for the seeker. A word with the power to change this picture at any time, because the only true Non Fungible is the one in the Mind. Perhaps if your lucky and attracting with glee one of these pictures will be yours as there will never be more than 23.

End Of Origin Story

Tree Of ALL acquisition details., Now that you've read or listened to the Tree of ALL origin story it's time for you to place your bid on one of the Tree Of ALL NFT's. While there will be a very limited number of these artworks the previous mentioned 23 is the number of pieces minted with the secret words. The creator of this project Michaelson Williams is in the process of expanding the "Tree Of ALL" NFT project to include a circumscribed number of additional pieces void of the hidden words meant for consciousness growth. However once 23 of thee Uniquely Text special pieces are complete no more will be created, Ever. While all of these art pieces are very special in nature only 23 will contain the mindset heightening secret text. The 23 particular artworks will be methodically introduced amongst the total supply, as to maintain a level of randomness needed for the "Tree Of ALL" to discover its rightful owner's.

Each of thee Tree Of ALL art pieces are constructed by hand, not by A. I. nor programming, thus the number of individual pieces and the lifespan in which they are created can cease at any time and without notice. If your bid for one of the Tree Of ALL artworks is accepted please be patient on delivery of your product. These pieces are not created haphazardly. Any placed bid can be rejected, and a deposit of 20% of the accepted bid is necessary to hold a spot for your very limited Tree Of ALL NFT art piece. If you are purchasing your artwork on OpenSea or other platforms the information just mentioned does not apply. This information is only for people who wish to obtain one of the Tree Of All art pieces ahead of release. It is also not necessary to own more than one of these artworks so do not bid on multiple pieces. Your bid will be rejected immediately, and while one of the trees may find its way to you it will not be through their creator.

Please Contact Michaelson through email only.

Thank You!

See full sample gallery here

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Written by   303
3 months ago
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