Part 2: The Adventures Of CT; The Beginning

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The Children's Books For Adults - Volume 1

Many ideas and images rushed into CT's head including an image of a very young woman. He assume this woman was his mother but his mind’s eye awakening only lasted 15 or 20 seconds, so this information was not clear.

CT wonders why there were no images of his father, and then he passed out before being taken to the hospital. On the way to the hospital there were a few more moments of awakening and murmuring but for most of this time CT was completely unconscious.

CT had no idea what was happening to his body. Moreover, what was happening to his mind specifically his mind’s eye. A few weeks went by before he realized what had happened in the moments before and during his bicycle accident.

Images came to him like photographs rolling in a slideshow of slow-motion movement. He saw his arm and wrist twist in a distorted fashion as his middle and ring fingers contorted to touch him in the spot of his mind’s eye. CT remembered feeling a strange powerful but enlightened feeling come over his whole body as he collapsed to the ground after falling from his bicycle.

Flashing forward to when CT was in high school he discovered by accident, if he pointed his middle and ring fingers towards someone's forehead in the same location where he had been touched, they would suddenly become aware. CT also discovered that he did not need to be in close proximity to a person in order to perform this great feat.

CT could point his middle and ring fingers toward someone 100’s of feet away and notice a difference in their body language as enlightenment contorted their face and body. Of course CT did not want to hurt anyone or put anyone in harm's way so he became a recluse.

CT just felt it was too dangerous for him to be around other people. Besides it seemed every time he used his power there were some physical changes that started to occur. CT realized that his skin color would change and there seem to be an aura of light around his entire body.

CT had not yet known what the repercussions were for opening someone's mind’s eye. At this point he was no longer interested in making friends with anyone and just wanted to be alone.

Christopher Thornton, the critical thinker, had no friends so there was really no need for him to do much talking. When CT did go out in his small town people believed he had become mute.

Even though CT did not want to harm anyone with his powers the urge to use and continually test them became too great. CT would go out every once in a while into town and practice his art of pointing his middle and ring fingers , which he now called" The Blade" toward an unsuspected person's forehead to see their reaction.

Every single time CT performs this act it seemed the person would become completely aware of lies and rhetoric. As time went on “The Blade” became stronger and stronger and CT’s physical changes became more visible as well.

Flash forward once again CT is now around 23 years old by Earth’s standards. He has now honed his skills to the point where he could not only point his middle fingers "The Blade" toward one person, but he could cause small groups of people to become awakened to falsehoods.

CT would just point The Blade toward any unsuspecting person mind’s eye location and all falseness and rhetoric would become clear. For CT getting around was very difficult except in his own mind’s eye. He could use his mind’s eye to travel to any place on the planet or in the universe he wanted to go.

Outside of his mind’s eye CT seem to be even more fragile than ever. CT could see things as they were happening, and record, and review with 100% accuracy as if his mind was a video recorder.

CT's mind’s eye was so strong it reminded him of the Cyclops he had seen in an old movie. CT really did not need to leave his home because he could see the world as it truly was through his mind’s eye. CT, as lonely as he was often took journeys using his mind’s eye around the world and throughout the universe.

CT was always searching for something or someone. After every journey CT would realize just how lonely his life was without human contact. But at the age of 23 his normal social mechanisms still came in to play. CT wanted, even needed physical human interaction.

Every once in a while CT would go out and explore his small town and even drive to an adjacent town 30 miles away. On one particular occasion he met a young woman named Julie.

CT and Julie became very good friends and he would often go to the next town over in order to visit with her. CT eventually told Julie all about “The Blade” and the powers that he had. Julie did not believe at first, but after a couple of demonstrations she understood.

To Be Continued........

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