Part 1: The Adventures Of CT; The Beginning

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The Children's Books For Adults - Volume 1

The Adventures of CT chronicles the life of “CT” Christopher Thornton, a critical thinker and his two friends Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin a trio of unsuspecting hero’s to the planet Earth. Christopher Thornton, Julie Speakmaster, and Ronin possess extraordinary gifts which allow them to expose hidden truths, scandalous government cover ups, and mass mind control. They possess powers of critical thinking, empowered speech, and sheer physical strength which guide the trio on their journey to save the human race. Christopher, Julie, and Ronin monitor the tools of mind control, and brainwashing to unearth the lies and tails being told to the people of this planet in order to control and enslave them.

The main purpose of this trio’s journey is to open the mind’s eye of an enslaved humanity on earth. News mediums which are used to fill the minds of the children of Mother Earth are policed by the trio to reveal nothing but the facts, no matter how unpopular and unbelievable those facts may seem. It is believable lies that are taken as true and the truths are dismissed as lies and conspiracy theories. This must be changed, this most switched, and the mind controlling poisons undone. If not Christopher, Julie, and Ronin realize this could very well be the demise of the majority of humans inhabiting planet Earth.

About The Author

Michelson Williams is a certified tactical defense instructor who specializes in critical thinking to investigate current and historical events as they apply to mass mind control and brainwashing. He places these events into his fictional books written for adults to invoke the psychology of childhood thinking. Mastering Internet research through cross referencing information gives Michaelson a unique prospective when it comes to finding out the truth about domestic, foreign, historic, and current affairs. He believes there are many lies being told to the public in which the public cannot see and for most refuse to even consider these falsehoods.

Michaelson also has a clear understanding of human behavior through his content study of psychology. He understands how a brainwashed mind can be conditioned to believe almost anything, no matter how unreal stories may seem. Moreover when brainwashing and mind control is applied in the first stages of life a person or group being brainwashed actually defends the people who are doing the imposed brainwashing. Michaelson believes his philosophy and psychology of “be like little children” will ring true in his series of Children’s Books for Adults. His approach of question everything, believe nothing at face value and research, research, research applies to everything he does.


The concept of The Adventures of CT is to create short stories, which will invoke critical thinking about historical events as well as current affairs.

The Adventures of CT are a series of children's books written for the adult mind. Each volume of this series will feature new and exciting stories about world events which are still questioning our adult minds today.

Although government officials will not give answers to these questions and deem most of the information “Top Secret” we still need to seek the truth. The words “Top Secret” should just be replaced with the phrase “We Are Lying” as most of “Top Secret” information is cloaked in many lies.

Ask yourself what is so “Top Secret” in the world today with the advent of the internet in which Government need to keep from us? The answer if you are thinking critically should be, nothing. Information should be available to everyone and yes even information deemed “Top Secret” should be made public.

Nothing the “Powers That Be” tell us should be taken at face value. This is why each story of The Adventures of CT will be completely based on factual documents and extensive research. It is un-human not to question or have questions about events that leave the mind wondering.

When you were a child didn’t you question when your parents said that Santa Claus could come down the chimney, even though in your youthful mind he was just too fat to do so?

Michaelson Williams’ psychology behind this idea of children’s books written for adults is to allow adults to return to a childhood state where they were more closed minded to fantastical things and question everything which seem untrue with a “why”.

Somehow in a child’s psychology there is still a place which will not allow for illogical events to be taken at face value. “I believe critical thinking is built into the human psyche but is trained out of us from childhood”. Michaelson Williams

When we were children and storybooks were read to us we asked questions about things which were a little unbelievable. It seems in this society today adults believe things in which are unbelievable as absolute fact and fact as fabrication.

Depending on the venue which information comes seem to determine the level of belief the masses actually have in the story. The more demonstrable the truth is the more the majority seems to think the story is wrapped in conspiracy theories. Also it seems that in our society the more research you do on a subject the more people accuse or label you as a conspiracy theorist.

People label others who research and search for the truth as conspiracy theorist and at the very same time take it upon themselves to spread “truth” without any level of independent research at all.

Unfortunately mainstream media seems to be the information most trusted no matter how one sided, unbelievable, or bias the news actually turns out to be. There is an entertainment factor which plays a huge part in how we view information. The more entertaining a story is the more factual its viewers take the information be given.

Christopher Thornton or CT as he is known in his small group of friends is a Demigod much like Hercules because he is more human like than God figure. He and his band of friends are hell bent on making the demonstrable truth know while opening the mind of humanity to critical thinking.

Christopher and his friends set out upon this journey in order to change the minds of the masses from dealing with information with their hearts and emotions instead of using their brains.

Americans today seem to think that if they believe something with their heart, it is the truth. In actuality this is further from the truth than it can ever be because the heart and human mind have two completely different functions.

Without proper critical thinking in addition to independent research the heart will surely lead a person down the wrong path most of the time. Christopher although compassionate does not have the ability to let his heart drive his decisions. His decisions are driven solely on in-depth research and critical thinking coupled with his extraordinary gift.

Christopher Thornton’s background is not very exciting or him incredibly unusual at first. Christopher was believed to be born in 1970’s in a small town hospital in the tornado belt out West. Months went by after Christopher was born before anyone noticed a slight difference in his anatomy.

Christopher had developed signs of a bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta which meant he would suffer from having very soft bones. In addition Christopher’s middle and ring fingers on his right hand were exactly the same size. However on his other hand the two middle fingers were as normal as every other child.

As Christopher Thornton grew into adolescence in the orphanage where he spent most of his life, he started to suffer multiple broken bones. This did not stop Christopher from participating in normal adolescent behavior with friends he made in the orphanage.

For “CT” the name the other children called him, it was quite the opposite. It seemed he worked harder to keep up with the rest of the children at the orphanage. The fear of getting hurt or breaking bones that other children would have, seem to be a non-issue for Christopher Thornton. When CT played with the other children at the orphanage, he was (all in) one hundred percent.

At the age of 13 CT was riding his bicycle and fell off breaking his right leg, left elbow, three ribs on his right side, four ribs on his left side, and fracturing his neck, and there were many scrapes and bruises on his face.

While CT was actually falling off of his bicycle his right wrist twisted in a manner which pointed his middle and ring fingers directly to his forehead between his eyes. This was an amazing day for Christopher Thornton as his mind’s eye was opened and he was able to see things in the world much clearer.

To Be Continued........

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Thanks to everyone who has upvoted my story The Adventures Of CT, The Beginning. You guys are Awesome!!! I really hope I can draw you deep into a storyline that is relatable in some way to your real life experiences. Maybe one of the characters introduced throughout the storyline will resinate with your own hero psyche in some manner. Please comment if you'd like telling me anything you want about the story. I love comments, positive or negative as I am always grateful for a learning experience. Thanks Again!!!

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