Is A.I. Being Used To Change Your Thinking and Behavior, Through FEAR?

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Subtle conscious and unconscious programming is all around us on the internet. Even though consciously you may feel you are in control of your thinking and behavior, media, and social platforms are pulling at the puppet strings of your mind. The media outlets are constantly working to move you in one direction or another, to exact an agenda for which you may not understand or even realize. So called trusted media sources are nothing less than pipelines of fear based mind food, that moves the herd from one feeding trough to another. Media outlets are able too, through focused content, change the direction in which you think. Many times this is done through changing the way people around you think. Once the majority of the collective thinking is shifted, it becomes more difficult to hold your own independent thoughts.

The media, who are owned by only a few of the Elites in the world, work daily on getting you to comply in the smallest manner. This compliance is necessary to the Elites agenda, and is based upon compartmentalization of your mind, to make everyone around you an enemy combatant. The psychology is that if everyone is your enemy, no one can be your friend. Don't be an empty box for the Elites and big tech to fill your mind with whatever they choose. It is a good idea to work toward filling your mind with positivity, to combat negative conditioning, and out right brainwashing. Here are three simple steps to help combat the deliberate and subtle brainwashing you are encountering on a daily bases.

1. Meditate, this is so you can connect with the inner-self, where critical thinking can occur. Keep in mind that your base thinking may very well not be of your own accord. Ask yourself would a friend, who is truly concerned about your wellbeing, feed you information like the information coming from media, social media, government, and other mind control outlets. Meditation, helps to connect you to the solution, disconnects you from being a part of the problem. The negative mental conditioning we are all bomb-barded with banks on people maximizing the problem, so the collective programming stays embedded. Sit for no less than ten minutes in meditation, breathing in through your nose and slowly out of your mouth. Say to yourself, I am connected to my inner-self, where my mind is a repellent of negative conditioning. I am a magnet for positive information and outcomes. I am healthy, mind, body, and soul.

2. Prove Yourself Wrong. Work on proving your ideas wrong first, not right, so that you are able to disrupt the programming of your mind. Because we do not know what we don't know, having a first stance of proving yourself wrong before being right, opens the door to a more enlightened you. You will be better equipped to tell what information is yours and what's being programmed into your mind. Remember this, negative programming is subtle, not blatant, and works in the background where you are not paying close attention. This programming is changing the way you interact with other people, by creating a position where everyone is just a bit less than you. If you find yourself forcing your point, while at the same time experiencing feelings of tension in your body, think about this, there is no left or right side of the aisle. There is only a place where collective consciousness flows freely.

Real Headlines From Mainstream Media Sources

3. Connect and invest in something positive. Find a project that is at its core completely based in and focused on a positive outcome. This will help your mind to slowly move away from negative information, pushing into your unconscious mind. Remember, A.I. is following you around the internet, reflecting back to you anything negative that you've viewed. If you watch one negative-programming YouTube video or search on Google, A.I. shows you back five times that amount. This creates a negative feedback loop that then tries its best to become your new personality. You then project that false person on to other people, creating more adversaries, and the process continues. Keep in mind this, if you are finding yourself getting upset or even angry at another persons point of view, this is likely not you, it's your negative programming. In addition, the person you are getting angry with is not them either. Forgive them, and yourself for this mind uploaded negative programming, and then repeat step one.

These steps are simple but not easy, as the negative programming is daily, and facilitates one becoming an enemy of their inner-self. What this means is, there will be periods of time where you'll rather disconnect from your inner-self, than engage you as the opposition. This is again why it is so important to make connections with community based projects, that focus on positivity and growth of the collective. One such project is the Goal Phoenix Crypto, successful goal achievement project by Michaelson Williams. This project aims to use collective successful goal achievement to reconnect people back to community and local business. In short, the decentralization of digital currency works for the people, not against them, like in the case of the big banks.

To further learn how to re-program yourself, away from negative programming, search for and read: Trainwashing; The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing, which helps you to wash clean your mind of negative programming. Also read True Success Naturally; Corrective Linguistic Programming, to discover more ways how the establishment keeps your mind under control, and how you can reverse the process.

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by: Michaelson Williams,TSX, Author of True Success Naturally, Editor-n-Chief at MMAP Magazine, Creator of the Goal Phoenix Crypto project.

I am the host of the True Success Xpert Podcast where I interview and sometimes am interviewed by some new age entrepreneurship. This podcast is always exciting and intriguing as the conversations cover a broad spectrum of topics.

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2 years ago (Last updated: 10 months ago)
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I really on the points of this topic. Being able to see negative headlines rather than positive ones affect ones mind. The negative programming goes on, the fear is growing, it takes some positive thoughts for brainwashing and reprogramming. Great article!

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2 years ago