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How I Used Hollywood Money To Rebuild My Psychology Around Wealth

Let's get something straight from the onset. Except for gold and silver all fiat currency is fake money. Any currency notes from the Fed is nothing more than a piece of paper. We used this paper to trade for stuff, most of which these days we don't need. Paper money has not been backed by gold for many years now. This factitious money is, believe it or not controlled by a few men and one men only. The men who controls money control the entire US economy and even the worlds economy to a great extent. This is a great deal of power allotted to these men. Ultimate this power is over the economy and over the psychology of the masses about money. Those who control money controls the mindset around it.

Billions of people around the globe have the mindset that money is the root of all, your brain will fill in the blank. The last word that is filled in by your brain was “Evil” right? It was do to your programming around this pointless paper that the blank with the word "Evil". We pay for almost everything with money and it's literally worth almost nothing. Think about it... Money ground up, put in a pillowcase, slept on, and still it would only be worth as much as a pillow full of bird feathers. That's It. In a sense we have been bamboozled into using this worthless paper to buy goods and service. Some people put so much stock into this paper that they will rob, steal, and even kill for it. Now if that's not a screwed up psychology about a paper product, nothing is.

So why say all this? Well, I say all this because if paper money can be used to build a negative psychology it can also build a positive one. See there was a time in my life when I had a positive psychology around money and then I lost it. In my younger entrepreneurial years I built a very strong cash business. I was a hotel and factory liquidating machine. In the liquidation business Cash Is King and I had a lot of it, A Whole Lot! I spent a lot of money on crap that I didn't need. I even hid money from my family at the time. Thinking back, I could have done a lot of things differently in my life. Sometimes youth is the killer of the entrepreneurial spirit. Like most unprepared for being able to have anything you want my "Cash Is King" years was short lived. I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready for this type of fast pace money because I hadn't built a proper mindset around money. I didn't have the mind maturity about money, and what it meant to create long-term wealth. Again like most people who's ever been in my position I thought this money train would last forever. It' didn't. After losing everything even the people I loved the most, my family I built a new mindset about money. I wanted nothing to do with it. Down sizing my life into a small footprint somewhat made me happier but that wasn't the answer either. I liked having money but was to stupid to manage it properly. Yes, sometimes in life we are just stupid. It would take years for me to develop a new positive money psychology. And still it would be built around this worthless paper.

My psychology around money was so screwed up. Like many people with this problem, I started disliking people with money. I just knew that people with money were all bad. Hence the “money is the root of all evil” mindset. Then I had an idea if I didn't like money then my purpose in life must be something else. I must be on this Earth to help other people build their wealth and riches, but not my own. This was laughable to say the less. The human mind will tell itself anything to get away from facing the real problems. How can a broke money mindset tell someone else how to create wealth and riches? It Can't. I had lots of work to do, and that work had to start with me changing. I had to reprogram myself so that I could learn how to reprogram others like me. Because we live in a system that uses paper money, whether you think it's bad or good, it's still the system we live in. So you'd better deal with your feeling about this fake money. At least until it goes away, which with the rise of digital currency shouldn't be long.

Okay, to change my psychology around money I have to trick my mind. My top priority was to create a new mindset that would accept money as a tool of measurement. Also I needed to have money around me to play with without the stress that came with having it. The thing about reprogramming the mind for anything is it has to be simple. The person working to reprogram their mind must come to the understanding that it's going to take a bit of time. Reprogramming the mind is not usually a short term project. In my experience the deeper the aversion to an idea the more difficult the process. As members of a system there are psychological programs running in the background of our minds. I had to work through these programs to change my thinking. My goal was to overcome the negative programs controlling my feeling around money.

This is how I broke my negative programming around money. I purchased a bunch of Hollywood fake bills. Yes, fake money was going to make me love money again. I had to make myself reconnect to the fun that was money. My understanding of money had to change and it had to change for the long haul. Sense the brain cannot distinguish between what's real and what's fake, my brain would not know that the movie money was fake. My brain would understand the movie money being as real as the money I gamed with in my younger years. When the Hollywood movie money arrived at my house I let the games begin. I played with the money over and over, day after day. I wrote down items that I would buy with the movie money. I dressed up in my old but expensive clothes and suits pocketing and counting the money. My money psychology was beginning to change and it felt good!

Continuing the reprogramming process I added real (fake) Fed printed bills to the movie money. This accelerated the positive money programming process a great deal. My brain seemed to have no clue what was going on, what was real and what was fake. The lines of my positive and negative ideas about money were changing. I could feel the shift from hating money to understanding it's purpose for me. I would not be able to help people the way I wanted to without this understand. My lifes purpose was becoming ever so clear. I was building the positive money foundation that I needed to actually help other people. My understanding that a sick man cannot help other people get well became the prominent idea in my mind. Working on myself made me well. I could feel my aversion to money slipping away while replacing itself with a healthy love of money. The funny thing is, my primitive greed mindset seemed to be less prominent as well.

I've started investing in digital currency to prepare my mindset for the next stage. The next stage of wealth creation for me is in digital currency. My thoughts are that with the rise of cryptocurrency I'd better prepare for a new stage financial success. Digital currency is the new fake system of transferring money for goods and services. If you are not to be swept away by this new money model, your digital money mindset must be prepared too.

Thanks for reading my true story about my money psychology. Changing your thinking about success money isn't always easy, but it's possible if you follow a harmonious path. I found my path by using fake money to change my mind. I know you can find your path to, if you keep searching and never give up on yourself.

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Respectfully, Michaelson Williasm, tsx

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Great! Money is not evil. See this monologue, from Atlas Shrugged


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