Faith Is A Powerful Tool To Be Used On The Road Towards True Success

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You’re Not Going To Believe This! You've been programmed to not have faith in your own abilities and power, in order to keep you losing at life.

Let's talk about the programmed belief in having "Faith" and what it does for and against you on your journey of life. This is not about religion as much as it is about mindset and control over the creation of positive outcomes in life. There are different kinds of faith, some that will move you forward and some that have the power to paralyze. We've been programmed from birth to not have faith in our own abilities and power, in order to keep us losing at life. Here I'm going to discuss some ideas about faith as it applies to belief in ones self.

Some of the language that I use may be triggering but don't let emotion rule over your mind and keep you from the message. With that little piece out of the way my first point is, stop using "Faith" to drive your success journey, or at least have faith in yourself first. Instead of faith, choose action on your journey. The reason I say do not use faith in your journey is because faith in a higher (whatever) leads to inaction. Having faith or believing in faith allows you to not do anything which requires true personal action. When you leave it up to faith you are in essence telling your brain and your mind someone else is going to take care of this for me.

The only thing this type of faith belief does is open up enormous gaps in which you are wasting time and energy not moving toward your success and dreams. Remember; do not leave anything to chance. Do not rely on faith to do something you should be doing yourself. The most powerful and important faith you should have is a healthy faith in yourself. Have faith in your actions, not the actions of something you cannot see, hear, or touch. I will say once again that these ideas only apply at a surface level of thinking. Think of these ideas as a quick glance at your life before taking a deeper look for complete understanding. A first step, if you will.

There has been a veil of lies and deceit that has been fed to us from childhood to assure that the majority of people remain mentally enslaved. Keep in mind that your strongest beliefs that you've held your entire life were put there by people who only wish to control you. Now if you are the person who is reading this and saying to yourself all I have is “faith”, “I can't do anything without faith”. One, you are setting yourself up for failure. Two, your failure is going to come a lot sooner because your forward energy is stopped. Three, your current thinking and beliefs will lead you away from success in life when it should be doing the opposite. If you must believe in faith do not allow your forward momentum and your forward energy to sit dormant waiting for someone to do what you should be doing yourself.

Take action and take responsibility for your own life journey. When you get to the end of your journey, and you have achieved true success, whether it is in the mind or in the physical things you have achieved, you can take credit for the hard work you have done. Take action and keep yourself in action or in a forward moving state of mind and body physically. Forward, forward, forward must become your default position on the life journey, no matter how many failures you encounter. The longer you can stay in this state of action the further along on the journey to success you will move without realizing it.

Being in the state of action is almost like flying an airplane on autopilot. There will be times when you are moving from point A to point B you feel like you are doing no work at all but things will be happening in the background. When the pilot of an airplane flips the autopilot switch it does not mean his job is done or his presence is no longer required. The pilot still has to monitor the controls but the pilot just does not have to work as hard through all of the navigation systems. This is what being in a state of action does to the journey of success.

Take action on every opportunity that comes your way. Try to be sensitive to these opportunities and at the very least jot the information down in a notebook so you can return to it later. You want to be able to review the notes from your journey and the opportunities which come during your journey from an analytical standpoint. Later, when you are in the action phase you will have plenty of information to revisit. Opportunities in life are in front of us all the time but they are also behind us if you miss them. This is why we call missed opportunities "missed" because they are now in the past or lost.

Don't let "Faith" be the social programming which keeps you enslaved and unable to unbox reality. Use note taking as a means of unraveling the mess that is programmed over your natural ability to succeed. Taking notes about your life helps to pull layers upon layers of negative social programming apart to be dissected. You want to be able to review the notes you take down about your life to pull back the veil. It is never going to be possible to build a more positive life if the connection to reality is masked. Your roadmap of life, to be successful, must consist of recognizable points where you've knowingly stood on your own two feet. Once you've realized the power you have to stand alone, to have Faith in yourself, building True Success comes easy.

"Change Your Mind; Change Your Life Journey, Forever."

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Beautiful illustration about the pilot. This is just a reminder not to lose hope for ourselves. Believe in yourself first, before anyone else does. If you know you'll succeed, then people around you will have faith in you and support you for the best.

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1 year ago

I have heard once that without faith, ware nothing. And indeed wea re not leading anywhere without faith because we will always be reluctant and fear in each step we take.

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1 year ago

Someone once told me that believing on your self is the first step leading you toward success.

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1 year ago