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Increment in confidence: Community engagement writing challenge.

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2 weeks ago
June 14, 2022

Good Morning or whatever it is you're having.

This is my entry for the community engagement writing challenge our renowned author Jane initiated.

It was November 28th, 2021, I guess when I joined this esteemed platform. And, I get so happy when the very first article of mine was upvoted with a cheering 2 cents. It is, of course, a mere sum of money for everyone but the joy of earning from your blog is always ecstatic. I was earlier working to build my own website on WordPress but it was challenging me with my time. So, when I found this platform I abandoned my previous website. I even had published a few articles there. The beauty of coming into the blogging world took me over when I created that website and it is so flabbergasting every time I see what I created there.

This platform ( has taken me to another level as it helped me in 10 great ways-

  • It inculcated a new productive hobby into me, it enabled me to read and write about so many things. I was quite struggling a few years with the question, "what is your hobby?" And, I couldn't answer it honestly, either I used to give a creative answer or I would fake a hobby. But, then I realised the importance of a hobby and since then I had made some hobbies like calligraphy and other things but builts a new hobby of reading and writing about something every day.

  • It made me learn about various things from various countries exclusively about the Philippines, Nigeria, and Scotland (the only user I know and interacted with is Tangolotodo). I also know 2 of the user here from Ukraine. I get to know about some of their political situations there or new developments, some cultural things too about their countries, and also it was this cyclone recently in Philippines which made me realise the dangers many of these island countries face and suffer the devastating effect of some cyclone which shatters not just their livelihood but also their sweet home, but these people are so strong that they rise and shine again with a very optimistic and hopeful view.

  • It made me express my own views and thoughts about global events or certain domestic events. Earlier, I only used to read things from the newspaper and cram it just the way it is delivered in the media but now, I am able to have a rational view on these things, and some of the times I even publish it here.

  • It also made me learn a little about how to publish a review on some things which exclusively was about book reviews for me here and a few web series reviews here. Earlier I couldn't express or give reviews to people who ask me about things I watched or I read.

  • I also interacted with many beautiful people here. I witnessed the people's tolerance, compassion, sympathetic, and empathetic behaviour, and also their lovely nature.

  • The very first and a beautiful person I was so connected with here is Ling. She is so lovely, kind, and beautiful. I have learned a bit about her charms. She is a very learned and understanding girl.

  • At first, I was a little bit upset as I was not being noticed by the green friend but I appreciate the way people motivated and cheered me up. My desire to publish more here was boosted when I received my first sponsor and subsequently in a little time I got 4 of 'em.

  • There was also a time when I was so addicted to that I just keep on reading people's articles here and that was hampering my routine but I realised sooner and I managed my time well, no doubt we get to read a lot of various management posts here.

  • When I was a newbie here I used to lure people as my subscriber by upvoting the new user with some cents and I saw my subscribers count getting heavy in my initial days but I realised the importance of having a legitimate subscriber base rather than just increasing your base count.

  • Blogging here helped me financially because I was able to pay a rent for one month when our family was struggling at the covid time. At that, I also decided to buy a computer glass for myself from the earnings here and finally, I bought it. So, it gives me some sense of financial stability if not in a great sense. Whenever I visit my batchmates I had to think about my spending when I see them and experience a bit of an inferiority complex but when I started earning here I felt relieved and quite comfortable and confident with the contributions. As I do not have to ask my parents.

At last, I just want to say thank you to everyone for being around here with me and cheering me and supporting me. I also thank another user Talecharm because she has put faith in me by inviting me with her to manage her community.




Thank you.

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Written by   127
2 weeks ago
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It is more than just the tipping and upvoting. For me, we are in a community where people should engage with one another and be friends with everyone. I thank you too for being around:)

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2 weeks ago

Well, I follow you but honestly I do not comment much about your posts, I don't think it's necessary to always leave a comment but it's also true that there are also times when I do not read many posts. Because there's a lot of thing to be managed.

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2 weeks ago