High Protein Food - The Key to Feeding the Furnace

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As every bodybuilder knows, have the battle is having the proper diet for your goals, and there isn't a successful workout regiment around that doesn't include a diet loaded with high protein food.

High protein food comes in many forms, and while most people automatically assume meat, that isn't always the best source (although meat does consistently provide a high level of protein).

Beans, shakes, and whey protein are just a few of the other options available, and all of them provide the protein building blocks needed to be part of a great bodybuilder's diet.

High protein foods should definitely be at the top of your diet list whether the goal is to become a high level bodybuilder, lose weight on a diet, or some middle of the road combination of both. Protein is definitely your friend.

There are many high protein food that you should consider as part of your diet. Some of these foods include:

Buffalo Turkey Lean Beef Chicken Fish

Organic Beans

Whey Protein (supplement added to shake) Eggs

Nuts (go for unsalted and unsweetened)

Skim Milk


Just some of the great foods groups that provide high blood

There are many other choices, but that list includes some of the best, and a good mix of these foods will help you build muscles, maintain your current muscle mass, and eat foods that will heal your muscles after workouts.

High protein food is an absolute necessity to get into, and stay in, good healthy shape.

If there Is a downside to high protein food, it's that the majority of them are high in fat, and some are very high in cholesterol.

Some fats are good, but even if you have "good fat" like from fish, nuts, or olive oil, you don't want too much.

Then there are the terrible saturated fats and cholesterol that can harm you, threatening with heart disease and clogged arteries. This Is where finding the good high protein food comes in.

Fish, chicken, turkey, and beans are all considered some of the absolute best high protein foods because they are high in protein, tend to have more good fat than bad, and less of it (although some nuts are certainly high in the fat category).

That being said, you need to have a protein heavy diet, and there are plenty of great high protein foods that have reasonable amounts of fat.

One of the major reasons pork was left off the list in this article isn't because that's a low protein meat (in fact it's one of the best), but pork is one of the most unhealthy meats due to the bad fats and cholesterol and isn't a good add.

Meanwhile, grilled fish and chicken almost always make the list of top notch high protein foods that can be added to any diet without worry.

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