How to earn through stacking? (TRX Guide)

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In this article we will take a look at:

-Tron basic features
-Stacking tron, earning percentages and SR comparison
-Tronwallets and which one i use.

-Tron basic features:
The tron asset is often compared to ethereum, but it has some positive sides.
First of all tron is a POS asset and not POW as the Ethereum network.
Associated to Tron there are 2 resources, bandwidth and energy.

-Bandwidth allows you to make transactions, a sort of gas (from the ethereum asset) but you get it for free.
Each address gets daily 5000 bandwidth (which is the maximum amount that each address can have).
In case you don't have enough BW (bandwidth) to broadcast a transaction, then an amount of tron will be burnt (deducted from your balance) to compensate the lack of BW.
Does this mean that transactions on the Tron asset are free?
Well yeh you can do a dozen of free transactions daily, but this doesn't mean that moving Tron is free.
Just imagine how much Tron an exchange as Binance moves.
They would instantly use all the bandwidth, hence to broadcast all the transactions they do burn Tron.
To increase the amount of BW that you get daily you need to freeze (we will soon see how) your balance as long as you want this increase (at least 72h)

-Energy is the second resource associated to your Tron account.
Unlike from bandwidth, energy is only obtainable through freezing your balance. It will fill daily and the maximum that you can get, depends from your frozen balance too.

-Stacking Tron

-Freezing Tron (and then voting, we will see what it is) is an operation that i suggest that you do if you don't plan to use your time in the future.

The freezing operation is done through the "Get votes" button.
Once you press it you will be able to choose if to raise your BW limit or Energy limit (which for new addresses is of course 0).

From this picture you can see that per 10 TRX you will gain 15 BW or 300 Energy.
This choice depends on what you wanna do, if you just wanna earn interests on your balance this choice is worthless.
Once you sign the freezing transaction, which will consume BW, you will have "Tron Power" or "Voting Power".
VP (voting power) is literally the amount of that you have frozen and you have not used yet to vote.
You can access the list of the Super Representative by clicking the button "votes".

You can now press "Voting" and manage your votes.

Once you choose how to divide your votes, press again on the button "Voting" and confirm the transaction.
From now on you will be earning every 6 hours a reward for voting that SR.
All this is the process of stacking Tron.

-Earning percentages
The yearly gain over 1000 TRX is about 70-80 TRX which means 7-8%.
Don't forget to consider that it all depends on whether your SR is paying you and how much of the reward the SR is paying to the voters.
I find it a good method for earning passively, completely different from lending which has highs and lows.
In my experience the yearly gain from lending goes from 2% to 15% on average with peaks of even 100% or more.
If you consider that lending even requires the payment of fees, it makes small investors not able to use the services.
Furthermore lending protocols (like compound and others) are centralized and susceptible to hacking, or just you have to send your money in exchange of a secondary token.
Instead Tron lets you freeze (and so earn) from 1 TRX, there is basically no fee for withdrawing your reward and you may even earn extras from voting for long time or from tokens that SR send you. Your coin never leaves your wallet and after at least 3 days of freezing, if you need liquidity, you can unfreeze and dispose of your coins as you need.
No account approbation for lending, once you activated an address, (which 0.1 Tron) you are good to go.

-SR Comparison
Some SR give their own token to the voters, so if some token interests you, check if the token owner is a SR and if they giveaway their tokens thisway.
To choose better the SR that fits you the best, you should have a look at .
Here you can calculate how much you would earn daily and you can discover which SR gives you extra tokens.

The screenshot that you saw came from, accessing with my ledger devide.
You can even register or connect a Tronlink wallet.
If you can't use a ledger device then i suggest that you to use a Tronlink account.
There are dozens of services which can give you a wallet.
I tried Tronwalletme (which recently rebranted to but i found the desktop interface slow... very slow... (they didn't even pay me the shares for voting them for long time, but this is another story)
Even ledger live has its own interface to handle Tron and all its features, but it often takes time to sync with the chain so i prefer to use the interface on the

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