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Gambling, the most common games and strategies to earn some easy crypto.

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7 months ago

As in the real world there are casinos, where people can consensually lose most of their money knowing that just one lucky person will win them, in the crypto world there are a bunch of online casinos.

There are literally a ton of online casinos out there accepting any kind of cryptos and letting most of the users lose their coins.

⚫️House edge

The house edge is an amount (a percentage) present in any game, who represents how much the "dealer" will win inevitably.
It is easy to see this house edge in most of the gambling websites that lets you play a "DICE" or a "HIGH - LOW". (In dice there are only 6-12 numbers, in high-low there are as many as you want)
Imagine you have a list of numbers from 1 to 100, the winning number is randomly chosen, you can bet on "high", in that case you will win if the winning number is above 55, or "low" if is below 45.
You can see already that there is a gap where you will never be able to win, that gap is what causes the house edge. In this particular example the house edge is 10%
Of course there is not only the dice game.
In other games the house edge is created in other ways.

➖In the BLACKJACK, the house edge is created from a rule; if both the dealer and the player "bust" (lose), money won't go back to the owner, but it will go in the dealer's hands.

➖In the POKER game, there is not really a house edge because players play against each other, but a sort of house edge is created when a player is the dealer/house.

➖In the ROULETTE game we can split the house edge in 2 different situations depending on how a player wants to play:
◼️ In the case where a player wants to bet on colours, red or black, there will be a 1/37 or 2/38 chance that the player will always loose, which is the case that the ball lands on the 0 or 00, this generates about 5% house edge;
◼️In the case where a player wants to bet on a single number, then the player will have only 1/37 or 2/38 change of winning, meaning that the house edge will be 36/37 or 36/38 , or about 95% house edge.

With this simple fact it is clear that the sentence "the house always wins" is inevitably true.


➖In games as dice and roulette, a strategy came out long time ago, it is called "Martingale", which is to play always the same and if you are losing, double the bet so you cover all the looses.
Of course this can't work for 2 reasons, you can't double so many times and the house edge that we previously introduced.

➖In games as DICE or High-Low, after long experience as a player, i came out with the following revelation, do not follow any scheme, play completely random and you will see that in some cases you will follow the wins streak.

➖In the game of POKER there are really no strategies, it is all up to the cards. I don't recommend playing poker, unless you like it that much.

➖The ROULETTE game is overall similar to dice because betting High or low is not so different from betting red or black, so if you wanna try it, don't follow any scheme, play random.
In case you wanna play the roulette betting on single numbers, well, only the blindfolded goddess can help you.

➖In the BLACKJACK as well you have to count on the blindfolded goddess, but if you are not an expert in the game, there is something i can show you.
Maybe you know that people used to "count the cards" which is no more useful since they introduced the "cutting card" which doesn't allow anymore to know what cards are left in the deck.
The actual suggestion that i wanna give you is that, since blackjack has a very low house edge (of course it depends on rules, when the player is gonna lose and when not), the best thing you can do about this game is to make always the "BEST CHOICE".
Someone decided to create a scheme to follow in order to always know what's the best choice.

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7 months ago
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So amazing information that i read in this article about Gambling and it,s interaction with crypto.😍🤗 You said right but i also agreed that those who are found of gaming also earn money by playing games. And also bitcoin and crypto also changed the whole financial their features.😍🤗😊

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