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Everybody would like to see bitcoin-cash (or even other cryptos) to be used in common places, but...

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7 months ago

Most of the places don't accept them for 2 easy reasons:

◼️ the "exchange" of those coins is not regulated.
I don't know if only in my country it is like so but every shop has to pay taxes on the money that they get, which means that if shops started to use them, they would be considered as tax evaders because for the shop owner it would be very easy to just get a secondary address and receive payments on that address and not pay taxes from the money gained on the second address**

◼️people in general doesn't want to end up having many coins in a crypto that for any weird reason, can lose a lot of its worth in short period of time.
I think that each of us has experienced that at least once. We buy some coins and the next day... oh no... -8%

We all got shocked listening to the news that "Tesla now accepts bitcoins":
who can say that he didn't think that this would be a sign, a sort of step forward the dream of using our cryptos to pay our daily commissions.

The actual fact is that nothing changed. The world is full of places where a millionaire says that they accept bitcoins, that's for only the reason that it doesn't affect their balance at all. Millionares will stay millionares if they sell 10 cars or not, if they rent their super luxurious hotel for a week or not, if they rent an apartment or not.

The real step will happen when a company will not care about taxes or anything, they will go towards their customers and they will accept their coins, whatever they are.

I think that everybody should make a step towards each other, big companies and crypto community, starting to accept stable coins as wager/payment both for workers and shop owners.

Actually the stable coins i know work on Ether blockchain or Tron blockchain, none of them has a transaction fee that is considerably low...

Imagine giving :
◼️ stability for the people who don't wanna "risk" (and even allow them to lend their stable coins at a very low risk)
◼️ malleability for the people who wants cryptos, starting from a stable coin instead of starting from fiat, in order to get the crypto that they want, is a step forward.

**of course it shouldn't be regulated, everything should be free without anyone watching over everything that you do, but you can't, of course, destroy the old system and switch to new one. We all just need to slowly stop using banks and we all will be our own bank.

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Written by   9
7 months ago
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I am not using BCH for paying something in our country.I think that only a few stores or companies accept BTC coins.So,I collect coins in cryptocurrency wallet and exchange them for Euros,than I can withdrawal EUR in ATM,so I have cash and easily paying what I wish.

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7 months ago