Choosing mining hardware is not easy!

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In this article we will see how to use
It is a very useful website for people who still didn't chose their new mining hardware.
After long time running your 1080Ti you want to upgrade them but you don't know if to pick a 3060, 3080 or a 3090?
You always heard about mining but you never jumped into it and now you are searching for the best hardware for you to start?
This is the article that you were looking for, or is the website that you want to use!

This is how the mainpage looks like, a row of graphic cards both from Nvidia and AMD and many different algorithms.

Right below that will be shown the most profitable algorithms from the most to the least profitable.

Let's assume that we wanna buy 3 3060 (any amount of the graphic cards shown before), we will want to find for the 3060 box and write on its side the amount "3" and then click the "3060" so that the box lights green, like this:

Right after that we will see numbers changing below in the algorithms section.
Now we can click on "calculate" which is located right below

You may even want to change your power cost and sorting order.
After you click, the page will quickly reload and you can now scroll down to see which is the most profitable algorithm for your selected cards.

You can see that at the moment (15-May) the best coin to mine with a 3060 is CFX.

You can even calculate for hybrid builds, let's say you wanna keep those old 1080Ti and you wanna add some brand new 6800. What you want to do should look like this:

(Of course unclick your previous choices or the other cards will be considered in your calculation)

With this setup you can see that the best choice is to mine ethereum.

In the same way that you select and deselect cards, you can even select and deselect algorithms, let's say we want to exclude the ethash algorithm for this calculation, we want our algorithms section to look like this:

After calculating we will see that the most profitable coin to mine is XEQ.

As you can see in the algorithm section, you can even edit the hashrate that your cards make and power that they consume to get a more accurate calculation.

If your favourite mining hardware are not graphic cards but Asics, then you can click on the Asic tab.

You will find yourself in a similar page where you can straight input the hashrate of your asic device and its consumption to get an estimation of the gains.

In conclusion let's talk about the last 2 tabs.

Here you can see which, Asic by Asic / Card by Card, gives the highest revenue.
Let's say you wanna compare a 2080 with a 2080Ti.

You can see that the 2080Ti gives more profits.

Comment if this article was useful.
Any suggestion or criticism is welcome.

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