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My Special Advice To All Women

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2 years ago

Women are meant for building up each family, each home, each community, each organization and the whole national at large.

To all ladies, Married and Singles,Young and adult....Listen up ladies.....Don't be the wife that stands by her husband in times of problems, rather be that wife that gets problems out of his way,why stand by him in solidarity when you can kneel & do the needful? Slot of women always wait for their husbands alone to give solutions to problems which is quite wrong, women are to serve as a pillar for their husbands.

Be the praying wife, be the caring wife. He called you & said; Honey, I just lost the contract that we invested all our savings on.

Don't start shouting; What?

How manage?

What happened?

Oh my God!

Just tell him; it is OK Darling, we will find the lost contract and go on your knees, get the contract back for him!

You married a Pastor? Don't wait until scandal has eaten him up before standing by him, stay at d gate! No Jezebel should get your king!

Be a praying queen. He doesn't just get married to you to enjoy the palace pleasures. Imagine, after years of marriage, nothing changed positively in your home? Then retreat, get on your knees, as a wife, you are a good thing & whoever finds you walked into favor with God.

Be the wailing and a warrior wife. Deborah was not just a wife, she was a prophetess, a judge & a warrior. Even if you think you married an idiot "in your ignorance", don't die lamenting. Get on your knees and restore his head back to factory setting. You can't be wrong twice!

Its is good to package so that he won't cheat, It is good to cook well so that he won't look outside, It is 'better' to be submissive so that he adores you, but it is 'best' to kneel on his behalf until you ward off danger.

As a wife, slay in the kitchen, Slay in the bedroom, Slay in your dress sense, Slay in your intelligence,

But slay more on your knees. Be your husband's prayer alarm. Until your son says; I want a wife as my mother, you didn't get it right as a mother!

Be a virtuous wife. No matter how romantic you are, if you are not romantic in the place of prayer, get ready for rheumatism. Woman, you are not just a wife and a mother, you are also a minister.

Let your lips be painted with prayer not the lipstick. If you know the power of praying the word, you will keep your territory under intense heat.

Be your husband's retreat center.

Be a good woman indeed!

Be happy all the time. Learn to deal up your mouth amidst friends concerning your home. Be a cheerful giver, don't let people start giving you unpleasant names, be an adviser, be a solution provider.

You will not fail as a woman, mother and wife in marriage.

This article is to safe women in their marriages. Don't give in to divorce when you are the problem.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   7
2 years ago
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