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How To Help Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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2 years ago

Autism is mostly common in children and early intervention is the key to improve the Health look for a child with autism. In this article we will be looking at what autism means, causes of autism, and possible solutions to safe a child from autism.

Autism according to the medical dictionary is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. Autism spectrum disorder impacts the nervous system.

More than 100000 cases autism is recorded per year in the world. Chronic autism can last for two years or more. The behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often appear early in development. Many children show symptoms of autism by 12 months to 18 months of age or earlier.

Autism problem can't be cure with medicines but some treatments which we are going to discuss in this article can help to safe a child from autism. The range and severity of symptoms can vary widely.

Common symptoms includes;

1) Difficulty with communication

2) Difficulty with social interactions

3) Obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours.

4) Delay in learning to speak

5) Shyness

6)Disturbed behavior

7) Abnormal tone of voice

The earlier you as a parent recognize these signs in your children, the safer it will be for them. There are different categories of Autism.

Autistic Disorder

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Asperger Syndrome

The major causes of Autism is not really specified but researches made us know that Autism is caused by abnormalities in brain function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism compared to in neuro typical children.

The moment you noticed that your child is not responding to their name,not smiling when you smile at them or getting very upset if they do not like a certain smell, taste or sound.... Then you need to start giving them support development because medically, all these can't be treated.

Now How Do We Help Children With Autism.

1) Medical Workup

Parents are advised to take their children for a complete medical examination so that some behavior problems associated with Autism like temper tantrums can be reduced if physical problems common in children with Autism like gastrointestinal issues and allergies are alleviated.

2) Gluten Free And Casein Free Diet

According to Wikipedia, Gluten-free casein-free diet, also known as gluten-free dairy-free diet, is a diet that does not include the proteins gluten, and casein. A gluten-free diet is a diet that strictly excludes gluten, which is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, as well as barley, rye, and oats.

Put your child on a gluten free, casein Free Diet which means no barely, rye, oats, wheat or dairy. Many families of children with Autism have had good results because the diet is followed without exceptions. To make sure your child is getting the proper nutrients despite the restrictions, consult a nutritionist or dietian.

3) Therapy

Behavioural, educational and family therapies may reduce symptoms and support development and learning. Get your child sensory integration therapy so as to make them sensitive to light, sound, touch etc. You can get them a therapist that specializes in upbringing of children with skills. Speech therapy is very important. Get your child with speech therapy as soon as you noticed. If your child is non verbal, then used Pictures Exchange Communication System that uses picture card for easy recognition. Try other therapies, most children with Autism get recoverd quickly through the help of combined therapies.

4) Floor Exercise.

Here, the parents should get on the floor with the child and mimic the behavior of the child like how the child play so as to encourage them to have fun and join other children when playing.

5) School Enrollment

Allow the child to mingle with others kids by enrolling the child as soon as he or she clock three years to school.

With all these gradual steps,the child will do away with all the autism signs. Remember nothing good comes easy, help your child, help your neighbors children to get rid of autism in children.

Thanks for reading...

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