Children With Multipotentials

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When we say multipotentiality, according to wikipedia, it means an educational and psychological term referring to the ability of a person, particularly one of intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields. It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. Multipotentiality is common to only few people in our society.

In simple terms it means multiple potentials. For instance, you are a teacher, you are are baker and you are a trader....just can fit in any job you put your mind into.

Lets take a look at an instant where by a kid is good at alot of things, he has high grades in school, he is doing well in soccer team, he is an artist and after school, he works in a pizza restaurant. Everyone around him says he does a great job in every tasks he is assigned to. In short, he is good at lot of different things. But along the line, he couldn't decide on which way to go

So why is he so stressed out?

Why couldn't he decides on which way to go?

Motipotentiality children always turned out to be good at lots of different things but later they will found out that those potentials are not always as fun as they thought.

Motipotentiality children when younger, they are always gifted at many things and they are always awesome. They are always loved by people around them because of their gifts and talents.

Let me share my story with you, am a very smart girl in my academics, am a fashionista, am a baker and I can plait hair so well.. but you know what? When it's time to work after my college I find it so difficult to choose one because am actually good at everything even it those I haven't learnt about...I like learning new things all the time.. It was so hard for me to make a decision with what to do with my life..

In this article I will share with us how to help children with multiple potentials.

Is multiple potentials bad?

No... It's good to be talented and be gifted. But the ability to manage and make rightful decisions is the best.

To be talented according to the dictionary, means having a natural aptitude or skill for something. It's perfectly normal for a person to have exceptional skills in one area and still struggle in others.

Challenges of multipotentialities

Individual with multipotentialities is likely to be involved in mulitple hobby and perform well in multiple subjects in academics but in one way or the other faced a lots of challenges. This includes;

  1. They may have Difficulty with decision making or following through on life.

  2. They may have signs of stress or exhaustion from all those activities they are involved.

  3. They may delay or put off decision about college and there future which can have serious consequences.

  4. Confusion at a time about what decision to make.

How to possibly helped those children going through these challenges

They do say 'catch them when they are young '. At young ages it is important to note kids interesting gifts but children grow up there are few things that parents or guidance can do to help.

  1. We should always remind our children that they are not limited to one career because many adults have two to three careers throughout their entire life.

  2. We should use our leisure activities to continue to develop their abilities and interest.

  3. We should organize career counseling as a value based activities exploring broad categories of life satisfaction.

  4. Emphasize peer discussion and group work with other multipotentialities kids so that they can all see that they are not alone with the concern.

  5. Keep reminding them what is important, it is not good to be jack of all trades.

Teach your kids on how to maintain their potentials by reminding children that they can continue to pursue passions and strengths as hobbies, regardless of whether they lead to careers, and keep in mind that an area of passion might not necessarily be in one's greatest area of natural ability. 

Thanks for reading.

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