Bad Habits Parents Should Put An End To.

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3 years ago

In this world we have both the good parents and the bad parents giving birth to children. What hurt me the most is that the bad ones has almost dominated the good ones.. what to do then? The only thing to do is to teach all parents generally and call their attention to some things in which they think they are less important.

Let me say this, your children are looking at you and in one way or the other they will showcase everything they've learnt from you as a parents. If you teach them the right thing or you do the right thing in front of them, they will surely practice the same and it you do the wrong things, they will stick with them in the nearest future.

In this article, am going to analyze some things or behaviors parents should end if they want their children to be of good behavior both in the home and outside. Don't forget, children are the gifts from God placed in your hands.


You see, a lot of parents fight in front of their kids and which is very bad. Don't argue in front of your child because regular arguments can traumatized your children psychologically and lead to slow down in their development speech defects, nightmares, aggressions and being too quite. Constant arguments might become a normal thing for them. Do you know what? In the future they will treat others in the same way.

Never let an argument turn into a fight. If a father raises his fist to a mother, the child will hate all men in the future. The best thing to do if a conflict is brewing, restrain yourself, go somewhere else and cool off. Don't make a mistake to insult or threatens each other in front of your children.

If an argument occurs, explain to your children why it happened and convince them that everything is okay now and it won't happen again. In future, the child will develop the same kind of relationships as they saw in their childhood.


Let's start like this.. What is spanking?

According to the Dictionary, spanking means to beat, smack or slap a person's buttocks, with the bare hand or other object, as punishment.

Don't spank your child because it doesn't work. Children imitate their parents and will also resolve their problems with force in the future. Spanking reduces children self esteem. They feel worthless and lonely. Infact, hitting a child is a crime, how is a child different from other people? Spanking destroys relationships

Listen, the child you are spanking as a parent, will give in out of Feelings for fear. The fear will pass, trusts in their parents will disappear.

The best thing to do is that if you spank your child apologize and explain why you lost control. The aim of punishment is not to make children feel pain, but to explain why you are upset with their actions.


Apart from smoking is detrimental to the health of the smoker, smoking can also affect people around you. Smoking in front of your children is very bad and may affect them physically and mentally. Below, is what smoking in front of your children may cause;

1) It may reduces their lung functioning due to inhalation.

2) Passive smoking kills brain cells

3) Damages the functioning of the heart due to inhalation.

4) Lowers immunity

5) Slow down mental development

6) Slow down physical development.

Remember, your children follows after your foot steps. The follow the example of adults. Don't be surprised if they start smoking early. Give up smoking for the sake of your kids.


As a parent, it is very bad when you lie about little things. Don't be amazed when you see your kids telling lies all the times. Make sure you always dim it fit to tell the truth at all times in front of them. There is nothing called white lies, infact who tell you there are types of lies. If you want your children to portray good behavior at home and when outside, then start teaching them from inside. They say charity begins at home.


I will keeps on saying this, children catch up easily.. infact the children of nowadays has a brain that attract things fast. Know what you will say in front of your children. Don't gossip other people matters in front of them because they will do it. Don't be a talkative parents, talk less and say something that will benefit the child. A child will grow up one day and shows everything they've learnt from you.

In conclusion, stick to this, for a child, their parents are a model to be imitated, be a good example to your children. A word is enough for a wise.

Thanks for reading...

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3 years ago


I enjoyed and benefited from this reading as a parent

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3 years ago

Exactly...parents need to stop all these before little kids imitate bad behavior... thanks

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3 years ago