Academy Is Not A Yardstick For Children Success

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3 years ago

I am surprised why quite a number of parents are not impressed with the academic performance of their children.

It is so disheartening that some of these parents already have this mentality that the usual mathematics, chemistry and other subjects remains the only yardstick and perhaps, the surest way to the success of their children.

What is success?

The definition of success - is really quite simple: 'Success is the realization of our dreams, goals, and ideas. ' Since everyone has somewhat different dreams... the achievement of success will be related to these individual targets. Success means achievement, accomplishment, victory, and triumph.Success is very simple to me – I set up a goal, plan the steps required to achieve it, and then I implement that plan effectively. I attain success once I achieve my goals.

It is true that your expectation over that boy or girl seems great and enormous, however, have you also considered that we live in a technological and digital age where unusual and unexpected positive things are happening?

The world is shifting gradually from the conventional academic system and if you as parents are insensitive to this, it will certainly have great adverse effects on your children.

It is time you start taking a closer watch at your children, and stop being perturbed about their performance in school subjects. There are lots of things your children are good at, but lack of insensitivity has made you not to see the other side of their brilliance.

Listen; intelligence is not limited to academics alone, in fact, research has shown that there are more than 11 categorizations of intelligences.

Suffice to say, school has limited and restricted the creative flow of many school children without knowing, and this is because school focuses only one side of learning which is the learning of the head.

So, if indeed you are serious about the success of your children, please find time to sit with them, brainstorm and rub minds with them, ask them personal, professional and technical questions, and finally, be interested and ensure you give them all the supports and resources required in what they might be interested in.

I have seen a lot of children who doesn't made it in class but when they get on field, they do exploit. One of my students once told me that he doesn't like coming to school because of low marks but one thing I noticed in this kid's life is that when it comes to art,he performed so well. He drew so well. At the end of the day I advised his parents to take him to technical school where he can improve more.

Parents please study your kids well to know where they can be successful, educate them on why they need to go to school, don't force them to suit your own interests.. let them achieve their success themselves.. don't choose for them..

Most parent choose their children discipline. They will tell them , you must go to science class so that you can become a medical doctor or you must become a Lawyer.... Whereas, the kids finds joy in becoming an Engineer.. At the end of the day they failed and failed until they go back to where their fate want them. Parents it's time to wise up and stop choosing for your children, don't delay their success, don't cut their road short, don't obstruct their success.

Together We Can Succeed Academy, shaping lives, transforming generations.

Thanks for reading...

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